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Created August 10, 2016 07:43
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Creating encrypted Realm and attempting to catch any exception thrown.
var configuration = Realm.Configuration.defaultConfiguration
let encryptionKey = NSMutableData(length: 64)!
SecRandomCopyBytes(kSecRandomDefault, encryptionKey.length, UnsafeMutablePointer<UInt8>(encryptionKey.mutableBytes))
configuration.encryptionKey = encryptionKey
let filename = "private.realm"
let fileURL = configuration.fileURL?.URLByAppendingPathComponent(filename)
configuration.fileURL = fileURL
var realm: Realm!
do {
realm = try Realm(configuration: configuration)
catch let error {
// handle exception
// Throws `libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type realm::RealmFileException: Unable to open a realm at path '.../private.realm': Realm file decryption failed.` when wrong encryption key is used. Expected it would be caught.
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