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Created July 16, 2019 15:26
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API Parameters description
id: # ID of API
providerName: admin # Provider name for API [required]
apiName: SwaggerPetstore # Name of the API without Spaces(see publisher UI for more) [required]
version: 1.0.0 # Version of API(required)
description: 'This is a sample server Petstore server.' # Description of API
type: HTTP # Type of API {HTTP|WS} [required]
context: /v2 # Context of API with a leading slash, CLI tool will append version on import(if you want to put version like /1.0.0/v2 just set context to /{version}/v2 please refer UI for this) [required]
tags: # tags for API as a list
- pets
- petstore
- swagger
availableTiers: # available tiers as a list, Silver, Bronze etc
- name: Unlimited
status: PUBLISHED # Lifecycle status of the API, Set this to Created or Published or Prototyped on first import [required]
technicalOwner: John Doe # Technical owner (plea)
technicalOwnerEmail: # Email of the technical owner
businessOwner: Jane Doe # Business Owner
businessOwnerEmail: # Email of business owner
visibility: public # visibility of API, either public or private [required]
endpointSecured: false # is endpoint secured true|false
transports: http,https # Transport protocol in comma separated list
inSequence: debug_in_flow # In sequence name(put this xml file in corresponding directory{described in doc})
outSequence: json_to_xml_out_message # Out sequence name(put this xml file in corresponding directory{described in doc})
faultSequence: json_fault # Fault sequence name(put this xml file in corresponding directory{described in doc})
corsConfiguration: # CORS settings
corsConfigurationEnabled: true # is cors enabled ?
accessControlAllowOrigins: # Allowd origins for CORS in a List * is for any
- '*'
accessControlAllowCredentials: true # Allow credentials
accessControlAllowHeaders: # allowed headers as a list
- authorization
- Access-Control-Allow-Origin
- Content-Type
- SOAPAction
accessControlAllowMethods: # allowed methods as a list
# Note, either endpointConfig or productionUrl or sandboxUrl should present.
# If endpointConfig is not present and productionUrl or sandboxUrl presents CLI will automatically generate endpointConfig
# based on urls given, on init Users will have a field to fill for this prod and sandbox urls
productionUrl: "" # production url for API
sandboxUrl: "" # sandbox url for API
endpointConfig: '{"production_endpoints":{"config":{"factor":"6","retryDelay":"90","retryTimeOut":"60"},"template_not_supported":false,"url":""},"sandbox_endpoints":{"config":null,"template_not_supported":false,"url":"http://localhost:8081"},"endpoint_type":"http"}' # endpoint configuration(direct editing not recommended)
isDefaultVersion: false # Is API default? if set to true APIM will discard version and make API default
isPublishedDefaultVersion: false # Is default version published?
environments: # Gateway environments as a list
- Production and Sandbox
additionalProperties: # Additional properties of API as key:value paris
prop1: val1
prop2: val2
environmentList: # Environments supported as a list
apiSecurity: oauth2,mutualssl # security of API as a comma separated list. For example oauth2, mutualssl
rating: 0.0 # rating of API
isLatest: true # is the latest version ?
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