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Last active October 23, 2017 19:17
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Project plan for Heritage Jam project

(Bear with me, I don't understand markdown yet)

Title: Historic Newspapers and Bones

Beginning sample: Upstate New York Newspaper Archives Source 1 Source 2

Heritage Jam Output: Kandinsky-like painting representing instances of burial discoveries reported in news Method:

Interim write-up: Heritage Jam blog

  • Team
  • *Shawn Graham *Kate Ellenberger
  • Goals for Heritage Jam
  • *Create a compelling visual representation of stories about human bones in historic newspapers
  • Topic of interest
  • *Newspapers as chroniclers of archaeological discoveries in history *Repetitiveness (or not) of reports of archaeological discoveries *Potential pseudoarchaeological reports intertwined with authentic archaeological discoveries *Linguistic and cultural understanding of human skeletal remains in recent history
  • Data sources
  • *Fulton History website and database compiled by Tom Tryniski *NY Historic Newspaper online archive compiled by Northern New York Library Network and Empire State Library Network

Write-up: Publication in peer-reviewed journal

  • Public archaeology theory
  • *Chronicling in historical archaeology *Language surrounding human remains *Newspapers/public media and the public consciousness of archaeology
  • Methods
  • *Kandinsky github repository as starting point *Grabbing sentences that have "bones" in them *Limited time period and geographic region to begin with *Producing a database of public words used to describe human remains *Database turned into visual representations which play on sense of articulation, art, and other metaphors relating to bones, humanity, art

Progress Notes:

      Goals for Heritage Jam period:
    1. Create a compelling visual representation of stories about human bones in historic newspapers
    2. Get basic data structure intact
    3. Make solution as reproducible, automatic as possible for re-use capability
    4. Have something to say about the particular stories we added into the grammar on top of the general "news grammar"
      October 12, 2017
    1. Find 2 articles that are particularly poignant with respect to bones/public perception of archaeology/ bones of our data
    2. Write code to add these each to the “oldstories” key
    3. Write draft of paradata document for heritage jam product, using newspaper column about this as starting point
    4. Consider how I want to transform or expand this into an epoisean published work by myself
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