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Alexander, Thomas (1727-1801)
Military diary. May 27-Oct. 31, 1758; Mar. 6-July 18, 1776
1 vol. manuscript 15.5 cm
The first section of the diary describes a march from Northampton, MA, to Lake George,
NY, the unsuccessful attack on Ft. Ticonderoga under Gen. James Abercrombie, the
subsequent retreat and the “Half-Way Brook Massacre.” Thomas Alexander, of
Northfield, MA, was ensign in the company of Salah Barnard, part of Col. Ephrain
Williams’s regiment. The second section describes the march of Alexander’s company
from Northfield to Quebec to join Gen. Richard Montgomery’s forces, the retreat, and its
attendant hardships. Thomas was captain of his own Northfield company, attached to
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