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katowulf/rules.json Secret

Last active Jun 22, 2018
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throttle messages to no more than one every 5,000 milliseconds, see
"rules": {
// this stores the last message I sent so I can throttle them by timestamp
"last_message": {
"$user": {
// timestamp can't be deleted or I could just recreate it to bypass our throttle
".write": "newData.exists() && auth.uid === $user",
// the new value must be at least 5000 milliseconds after the last (no more than one message every five seconds)
// the new value must be before now (it will be since `now` is when it reaches the server unless I try to cheat)
".validate": "newData.isNumber() && newData.val() === now && (!data.exists() || newData.val() > data.val()+5000)"
"messages": {
"$message_id": {
// message must have a timestamp attribute and a sender attribute
".write": "newData.hasChildren(['timestamp', 'sender', 'message'])",
"sender": {
".validate": "newData.val() === auth.uid"
"timestamp": {
// in order to write a message, I must first make an entry in timestamp_index
// additionally, that message must be within 500ms of now, which means I can't
// just re-use the same one over and over, thus, we've effectively required messages
// to be 5 seconds apart
".validate": "newData.val() >= now - 500 && newData.val() === data.parent().parent().parent().child('last_message/'+auth.uid).val()"
"message": {
".validate": "newData.isString() && newData.val().length < 500"
"$other": {
".validate": false
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