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Last active Dec 10, 2015
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Sample for ImageMagick.
# convert --version
# Version: ImageMagick 6.8.0-7 2012-12-05 Q16
# See
\rm -f test_*.gif
\rm -f *.jpg
compare bag_frame1.gif bag_frame2.gif test_compare.gif
compare bag_frame1.gif bag_frame2.gif \
-compose Src test_compare_src.gif
compare bag_frame1.gif bag_frame2.gif \
-compose Src -highlight-color White -lowlight-color Black test_compare_src_color.gif
composite bag_frame1.gif bag_frame2.gif \
-compose difference test_difference_composite.gif
convert bag_frame1.gif bag_frame2.gif \
-compose difference -composite -colorspace Gray test_difference_convert_gray.gif
convert bag_frame1.gif bag_frame2.gif \
-compose difference -composite -separate -evaluate-sequence add test_difference_convert_add.gif
# -----------------
convert bag_frame1.gif bag_frame1.jpg
composite bag_frame1.gif bag_frame1.jpg \
-compose difference test_difference_jpeg.gif
convert test_difference_jpeg.gif \
-auto-level test_difference_convert_autolevel.gif
# -----------------
convert -delay 50 bag_frame1.gif bag_frame2.gif -loop 0 test_flicker_cmp.gif
# -----------------

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@katoy katoy commented Dec 22, 2012

ImageMagick をつかって画像の差分を得る方法の比較。


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