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#!/usr/bin/env python
Quick script to beemind entering at least some meals into MyFitnessPal for the day.
Setup instructions:
- install myfitnesspal, requests and keyring (if you don't have them)
- call keyring.set_password("myfitnesspal", <your_username>, <your_password>)
- call keyring.set_password("beeminder", <your_username>, <your_api_key>)
import datetime
import json
import keyring
import myfitnesspal
import requests
import urlparse
username = "katrielalex"
mfp_goal_name = "myfitnesspal"
GET_URL = BEEMINDER_URL + "/users/{username}/goals/{mfp_goal_name}.json".format(**locals())
POST_URL = BEEMINDER_URL + "/users/{username}/goals/{mfp_goal_name}/datapoints.json".format(**locals())
# Set up a MFP API client
password = keyring.get_password("myfitnesspal", username)
client = myfitnesspal.Client(username, password)
# Look up the meals you entered today
today =
day = client.get_date(today.year, today.month,
entered = max(len(meal.entries) for meal in day.meals)
# Look up data points for today
api_key = keyring.get_password("beeminder", username)
result = json.loads(requests.get(GET_URL, data={"auth_token": api_key}).content)
updated_at = datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(result["updated_at"])
# Do we need to log new data?
now =
today8am = now.replace(hour=8, minute=0, second=0)
if entered and updated_at < today8am:, data={
"auth_token": api_key,
"value": 1,
"comment": "via myfitnesspal scripting on {}".format(now.isoformat())})

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josephholsten commented Jan 4, 2018

I've made a couple changes at, would love some help getting this able to run under lambda or another serverless system.


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cmeury commented Apr 30, 2018

Made a couple more changes and changed the tracking quite a bit (checks whether anything has been entered for breakfast, lunch and dinner -- optimal value for every day is "3"). Added a Dockerfile for easy local development and instructions on how to run it on Heroku.

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