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@katsuyan /q3.clj
Last active Dec 6, 2016

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(defn make-cards [num]
(for [x (range 1 (inc num)) y [false]] [x y]))
(defn reverse-cards [cards reverse-num]
(map (fn [[num side]]
(if (= 0 (mod num reverse-num))
[num (not side)]
[num side]))
(defn reverse-recur [cards num]
(if (= num (count cards))
(reverse-cards cards num)
(recur (reverse-cards cards num) (inc num))))
(defn get-answer [card-num start-num]
(let [cards (make-cards card-num)]
(map (fn [[num _]] num)
(filter (fn [[_ side]] (not side))
(reverse-recur cards start-num)))))
(def N 100)
(def START 2)
(def answer (get-answer N START))
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