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Last active Oct 22, 2017
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Configuring for Hipchat on OS X

Configuring for Hipchat on OS X



brew install profanity

  • The latest build available today via homebrew is 0.4.4 (which means no support for /occupants pane in rooms), and it does not support desktop notifications.

If the tap works for you, try to install the latest dev version via (I had some trouble, idk):

brew tap robsalasco/homebrew-profanity
brew install profanity --HEAD --with-terminal-notifier


  • libstrophe available via Homebrew is not linked against expat, so we need to build that first
  • Throwing in desktop notifications since you know you want them

Install dependencies:

brew install expat terminal-notifier libtool glib

Clone and build libstrophe:

    git clone && cd libstrophe
    make install
    cd ..

Clone and build profanity:

    git clone && cd profanity
    make install
    cd ..




  1. Get your XMPP info from Account Settings:
  2. Set up your account in profanity (so you don't need to do this more than once):
    /account add hipchat
    /account set hipchat jid [account id]
    /account set hipchat nick [Full Name]
    /account set hipchat port 5222
    /account set hipchat muc


From within profanity, run /connect hipchat and you're off!

  • As far as I can tell, Hipchat does not respect bookmark and autojoin settings, so don't bother with /bookmark delete or /bookmark update. All rooms are always bookmarked.

  • List rooms: /rooms

  • Join a room: /join [room name] - Names should autocomplete

  • List open windows: /wins - /win 1 is the console

  • Private message a user: /msg "[Full Name]" - Names should autocomplete

  • Desktop notification settings: /notify

  • Set the reconnect timer to something more reasonable with /reconnect 3 (for a 3-second timer). Default is 30 seconds.


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@supermarin supermarin commented Dec 1, 2014

Dependencies section: brew install glib missing :)


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@supermarin supermarin commented Dec 1, 2014

/account set hipchat password [your password]

If you don't wanna hate your life


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@harrypujols harrypujols commented Jun 17, 2016

If your nickname (full name) has spaces, and I bet it does, use quotes. Example:

/account set hipchat nick "Jon Doe"

Quotes also works when messaging a person's full name, as noted.

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