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Created February 6, 2018 15:00
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  <!--<div class="more_wrapper">
      <div class="vert-align">
  <a class="btn btn-info item_more" href="<?php echo $link; ?>"><span>
    <?php if (!$params->get('access-view')) :
    elseif ($readmore = $this->item->alternative_readmore) :
    echo $readmore;
    if ($params->get('show_readmore_title', 0) != 0) :
    echo JHtml::_('string.truncate', ($this->item->title), $params->get('readmore_limit'));
    elseif ($params->get('show_readmore_title', 0) == 0) :
    echo JText::sprintf('TPL_COM_CONTENT_READ_MORE');
    else :
    echo JText::_('TPL_COM_CONTENT_READ_MORE');
    echo JHtml::_('string.truncate', ($this->item->title), $params->get('readmore_limit'));
    endif; ?>
  </div> </div>-->
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