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Draft emails in Gmail from a Google spreadsheet and a Google doc template:
// What is the Google Document ID for your email template?
var googleDocId = "abcd0000abcd0000abcd0000abcd0000";
// Which column has the email address? Enter the column row header exactly.
var emailField = 'Email';
// What is the subject line?
var emailSubject = 'You\'re bringing {Type}!';
// Which column is the indicator for email drafted? Enter the column row header exactly.
var emailStatus = 'Date drafted';
/* ----------------------------------- */
// Be careful editing beyond this line //
/* ----------------------------------- */
var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet(); // Use data from the active sheet
function draftMyEmails() {
var emailTemplate = DocumentApp.openById(googleDocId).getText(); // Get your email template from Google Docs
var data = getCols(2, sheet.getLastRow() - 1);
var myVars = getCols(1, 1)[0];
var draftedRow = myVars.indexOf(emailStatus) + 1;
// Work through each data row in the spreadsheet
data.forEach(function(row, index){
// Build a configuration for each row
var config = createConfig(myVars, row);
// Prevent from drafing duplicates and from drafting emails without a recipient
if (config[emailStatus] === '' && config[emailField]) {
// Replace template variables with the receipient's data
var emailBody = replaceTemplateVars(emailTemplate, config);
// Replace template variables in subject line
var emailSubjectUpdated = replaceTemplateVars(emailSubject, config);
// Create the email draft
config[emailField], // Recipient
emailSubjectUpdated, // Subject
emailBody // Body
sheet.getRange(2 + index, draftedRow).setValue(new Date()); // Update the last column
SpreadsheetApp.flush(); // Make sure the last cell is updated right away
function replaceTemplateVars(string, config) {
return string.replace(/{[^{}]+}/g, function(key){
return config[key.replace(/[{}]+/g, "")] || "";
function createConfig(myVars, row) {
return myVars.reduce(function(obj, myVar, index) {
obj[myVar] = row[index];
return obj;
}, {});
function getCols(startRow, numRows) {
var lastColumn = sheet.getLastColumn(); // Last column
var dataRange = sheet.getRange(startRow, 1, numRows, lastColumn) // Fetch the data range of the active sheet
return dataRange.getValues(); // Fetch values for each row in the range

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derekaug commented Nov 5, 2019

This just saved the non-profit I'm a part of a ton of time / money. Thank you for this!

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