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@kaushalmodi kaushalmodi/nbuild.nim
Last active May 17, 2018

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# Time-stamp: <2018-05-17 10:38:18 kmodi>
# Generic build script
# It would be simple to just do:
# import os, strformat, terminal
# Note that ospaths gets imported implicitly in this case.
# But I am still doing the below here so that so that I realize the number of
# procs that I am using, and also where they come from.
from os import paramCount, commandLineParams, sleep, fileExists, dirExists, createDir, execShellCmd
from ospaths import getEnv, putEnv, `/`, splitPath
from strformat import fmt
from terminal import cursorUp, eraseLine
# import os, strformat, terminal # Concise way to do the above
# Custom exception:
ShellCmdError* = object of Exception
stowPkgsRootEnvVar = "STOW_PKGS_ROOT"
stowPkgsTargetEnvVar = "STOW_PKGS_TARGET"
stowPkgsRoot: string
stowPkgsTarget: string
installDir: string
template execShellCmdSafe(cmd: string) =
var exitStatus = execShellCmd(cmd)
if exitStatus > 0:
raise newException(ShellCmdError, "Failed to execute " & cmd)
proc setVars(pkg: string, versionDir: string, debug: bool) =
stowPkgsRoot = getEnv(stowPkgsRootEnvVar)
if stowPkgsRoot == "":
raise newException(OSError, "Env variable " & stowPkgsRootEnvVar & " is not set")
if (not dirExists(stowPkgsRoot)):
raise newException(OSError, stowPkgsRootEnvVar & " directory `" & stowPkgsRoot & "' does not exist")
installDir = stowPkgsRoot / pkg / versionDir
if debug: echo "install dir = " & installDir
if pkg == "tmux":
stowPkgsTarget = getEnv(stowPkgsTargetEnvVar)
if stowPkgsTarget == "":
raise newException(OSError, "Env variable " & stowPkgsTargetEnvVar & " is not set")
proc gitOps(rev: string, revBase: string, debug: bool) =
## Git fetch, checkout and hard reset
if debug: echo "git ops"
execShellCmdSafe("git fetch --all")
execShellCmdSafe(fmt"git checkout {revBase}")
execShellCmdSafe("git fetch --all")
execShellCmdSafe(fmt"git reset --hard {rev}")
# Wed May 16 18:28:02 EDT 2018 - kmodi - What does {.noconv.} do?
proc ctrlCHandler() {.noconv.} =
echo " .. Installation canceled"
quit 0
proc wait(limit: int=5, debug: bool) =
## Wait countdown
for cnt in 0 ..< limit:
echo fmt"Waiting for {limit-cnt} second(s) .. Press Ctrl+C to cancel this installation."
sleep(1000) #1 second
if cnt < limit:
cursorUp(stdout); eraseLine(stdout) #similar to printf"\\r" in bash
proc make(pkg: string, debug: bool) =
## Make
if debug: echo "make"
if fileExists("."/"Makefile"): #,string,string
execShellCmdSafe("make clean")
echo "Running .."
# Wed May 16 22:49:48 EDT 2018 - kmodi
# TODO: Get pkg-specific configure values from a separate config file,
# preferably TOML.
if pkg == "tmux":
if (not dirExists(stowPkgsTarget)):
raise newException(OSError, stowPkgsTargetEnvVar & " directory `" & stowPkgsTarget & "' does not exist")
putEnv("CFLAGS", fmt"-fgnu89-inline -I{stowPkgsTarget}/include -I{stowPkgsTarget}/include/ncursesw")
putEnv("LDFLAGS", fmt"-L{stowPkgsTarget}/lib")
execShellCmdSafe("."/"configure --prefix=" & installDir)
proc makeInstall(pkg: string, debug: bool) =
## Make install
echo fmt"Installing {pkg} at {installDir} .."
execShellCmdSafe("make install")
proc cleanup(debug: bool) =
## Cleanup
if debug: echo "cleanup"
execShellCmdSafe("make clean")
proc nbuild(pkg: string
, rev: string="origin/master"
, GitSkip: bool=false
, WaitSkip: bool=false
, InstallSkip: bool=false
, keep: bool=false
, debug: bool=false) =
##NBuild: General purpose build script
let revBase = rev.splitPath[1] #similar to basename in bash
if debug: echo "rev = ", rev
if debug: echo "revBase = ", revBase
setVars(pkg, revBase, debug)
if (not GitSkip):
gitOps(rev, revBase, debug)
if (not WaitSkip):
make(pkg, debug)
if (not InstallSkip):
makeInstall(pkg, debug)
if (not keep):
echo "Done!"
except ShellCmdError:
echo "Shell command error: " & getCurrentExceptionMsg()
echo "Error happened: " & getCurrentExceptionMsg()
when isMainModule:
import cligen
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