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RoundedImageView - drop dead easy way to do this with RoundedBitmapDrawable
Bitmap batmapBitmap = BitmapFactory.decodeResource(getResources(), R.drawable.batman);
RoundedBitmapDrawable circularBitmapDrawable = RoundedBitmapDrawableFactory.create(getResources(), batmapBitmap);
// option 1 h/t [Chris Banes](
// option 2 h/t @csorgod in the comments
System.out.prinln("MyActivity", "That's all folks");

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@csorgod csorgod commented Nov 20, 2016


You can use circularBitmapDrawable.setCircular(true) instead of "circularBitmapDrawable.setCornerRadius(batmapBitmap.getWidth());".


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@kaushikgopal kaushikgopal commented Nov 21, 2016

@csorgod : hot damn! oddly i've never run into it. Thanks! will add that usage too

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