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Kawal Singh kawalgrover

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Verifying that +bityogi is my Bitcoin username. You can send me #bitcoin here:
kawalgrover / ananda
Last active Jun 23, 2017
Decentralized Mutual Credit Clearing on the Blockchain
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It's a marriage of the ideas proposed by Thomas H. Greco. in the book 'The end of Money and the Future of Civilization' to the ideas proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto with the Bitcoin protocol.
Decentralized Mutual Credit Clearing on the Blockchain from the bottom up.
Briefly, this is how I envision it working.
Issuance of Smart Contracts
Farmer Joe issues 10000 joe coins out of an address on the base blockchain and gives it to anyone that works for him. Say, 10 Joe coins/hr for some amount of produce. (This part could be encoded as a message in the base blockchain).