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Last active Aug 9, 2020
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Build HotSpot disassembler for JDK 11 and 12
# The following is based on a fresh Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS with gcc, make and perl already
# installed (not that perl has anything to do with any of this..)
# This is based on JDK 11 but for JDK 12 I've confirmed it builds ok with binutils-2.29
# and binutils-2.32
apt install mercurial
# Be nice if this didn't check out the universe
hg clone
cd jdk11/src/utils/hsdis/
# Newer versions of binutils don't appear to compile, must use 2.28 for JDK 11
tar xzvf binutils-2.28.tar.gz
make BINUTILS=binutils-2.28 ARCH=amd64
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stefan-reich commented Aug 9, 2020

Thanks, it works! Now I'm trying to find out how to build hsdis for JDK 14.

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