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Python script to convert a true type font collection into separate ttf files. Copy from
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
#First released as C++ program by Hiroyuki Tsutsumi as part of the free software suite “Beer”
#I thought porting it to Python could be both a challenge and useful
from sys import argv, exit, getsizeof
from struct import pack_into, unpack_from
def ceil4(n):
"""returns the next integer which is a multiple of 4"""
return (n + 3) & ~3
if len(argv)!=2:
print("Usage: %s FontCollection.ttc" % argv)
filename = argv[1]
in_file = open(filename, "rb")
buf =
if filename.lower().endswith(".ttc"):
filename = filename[:-4]
if buf[:4] != b"ttcf":
out_filename = "%s.ttf" % filename
out_file = open(out_filename, "wb")
#end, so we don’t have to close the files or call exit() here
ttf_count = unpack_from("!L", buf, 0x08)[0]
print("Anzahl enthaltener TTF-Dateien: %s" % ttf_count)
ttf_offset_array = unpack_from("!"+ttf_count*"L", buf, 0x0C)
for i in range(ttf_count):
print("Extrahiere TTF #%s:" % (i+1))
table_header_offset = ttf_offset_array[i]
print("\tHeader beginnt bei Byte %s" % table_header_offset)
table_count = unpack_from("!H", buf, table_header_offset+0x04)[0]
header_length = 0x0C + table_count * 0x10
print("\tHeaderlänge: %s Byte" % header_length)
table_length = 0
for j in range(table_count):
length = unpack_from("!L", buf, table_header_offset+0x0C+0x0C+j*0x10)[0]
table_length += ceil4(length)
total_length = header_length + table_length
new_buf = bytearray(total_length)
header = unpack_from(header_length*"c", buf, table_header_offset)
pack_into(header_length*"c", new_buf, 0, *header)
current_offset = header_length
for j in range(table_count):
offset = unpack_from("!L", buf, table_header_offset+0x0C+0x08+j*0x10)[0]
length = unpack_from("!L", buf, table_header_offset+0x0C+0x0C+j*0x10)[0]
pack_into("!L", new_buf, 0x0C+0x08+j*0x10, current_offset)
current_table = unpack_from(length*"c", buf, offset)
pack_into(length*"c", new_buf, current_offset, *current_table)
#table_checksum = sum(unpack_from("!"+("L"*length), new_buf, current_offset))
#pack_into("!L", new_buf, 0x0C+0x04+j*0x10, table_checksum)
current_offset += ceil4(length)
out_file = open("%s%d.ttf"%(filename, i), "wb")
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