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Simon C. Krüger kayoslab

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kayoslab / UserDefaults.swift
Created Jul 8, 2020
A Property wrapper around UserDefaults which makes it easier to interact with.
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import Foundation
let defaults = UserDefaults(suiteName: "GistApplication")
/// A Property wrapper around UserDefaults which makes it easier to interact with.
@propertyWrapper struct UserDefault<T> {
/// The key of the entry which should be added to the defaults.
let key: String
kayoslab / Collection+Safe.swift
Created Jul 8, 2020
A safe way to subscribe collection items. This should put a definite end to index-out-of-bounds errors.
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import Foundation
extension Collection {
/// Safe subscription for collection elements.
/// - Parameter safe: The index of which the element should be returned.
/// - Returns: The element at the given index if present, otherwise nil.
subscript (safe index: Index) -> Element? {
return indices.contains(index) ? self[index] : nil
kayoslab / UIView+nib.swift
Last active Jul 8, 2020
A UIView extension to make it easier working with nib and code layouts at the same time. This usually is present in every project I'm working on the interface.
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import UIKit
/// A UIView extension to make it easier working with nib and code layouts at the same time.
public extension UIView {
/// Unarchives the contents of a nib file.
/// - Returns: The top-level objects in the nib file.
class func fromNib<T: UIView>() -> T {
return Bundle(for: T.self).loadNibNamed(
kayoslab / .gitignore
Created Jul 8, 2020
A useful .gitignore file for iOS development
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# Xcode
# gitignore contributors: remember to update Global/Xcode.gitignore, Objective-C.gitignore & Swift.gitignore
## Build generated
## Various settings
kayoslab / swiftlint.yml
Created Jul 8, 2020
Default configuration for SwiftLint. This is the standard configuration I use in most of my projects.
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### Global configuration
# Enable rules which are not in the default set
# - anyobject_protocol # Prefer using `AnyObject` over `class` for class-only protocols.
# - array_init # Prefer using `Array(seq)` over ` { $0 }` to convert a sequence into an Array.
# - attributes # Attributes should be on their own lines in functions and types, but on the same line as variables and imports.
- block_based_kvo # Prefer the new block based KVO API with keypaths when using Swift 3.2 or later.
- class_delegate_protocol # Delegate protocols should be class-only so they can be weakly referenced.
- closing_brace # Closing brace with closing parenthesis should not have any whitespaces in the middle.
kayoslab / AlipayOrder.swift
Last active Sep 19, 2018
Swift port according to the documentation on the Alipay website. I should create an example project for this in the future. As already mentioned in the legacy version of this class I'm relying on SwiftyRSA for the signing here.
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import Foundation
import SwiftyRSA
/// Automatically generated by the Chinese Website.
struct AlipayPublicParameter {
enum CodingKeys: String, CodingKey {
case appID = "app_id"
case method
case format
case charset
kayoslab / LegacyAlipayOrder.swift
Created Sep 18, 2018
Swift port of the Legacy Alipay Order, which is usually only available in Objective-C. I rely on the RSA implementation of SwiftyRSA here, so that I don't have to work with their own (obj-c) implementations.
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import Foundation
import SwiftyRSA
/// Swift port of the always included _Order_ class from Alipay, because we suffered from the terrible code.
/// The code comments went through google translate to give us some hints on what is happening under the hood.
/// This struct is used to hold the data for an order within the alipay framework and to get the url parameter
/// containing the order object including a RSA signature.
private struct LegacyAlipayOrder {
/********************************** Pay four elements **********************************/
/// When the merchant signs an agreement with Alipay, Alipay assigns a unique
kayoslab / NotificationService.swift
Created Jul 26, 2018
Example implementation for a basic iOS 10 UNNotificationServiceExtension to handle jpg/gif/png files
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import UserNotifications
class NotificationService: UNNotificationServiceExtension {
var contentHandler: ((UNNotificationContent) -> Void)?
var bestAttemptContent: UNMutableNotificationContent?
override func didReceive(_ request: UNNotificationRequest, withContentHandler contentHandler: @escaping (UNNotificationContent) -> Void) {
self.contentHandler = contentHandler
self.bestAttemptContent = (request.content.mutableCopy() as? UNMutableNotificationContent)
kayoslab / Logging.swift
Last active Sep 7, 2017
Quick test case implementation of a logging manager
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class Logging {
/// An Enum that describes the actual Level on which
/// Messages should be logged to the console.
public enum Level: Int {
/// Log all messages.
case verbose = 0
/// Log messages of information level and higher.
case information = 1
/// Log messages of warning level and higher.
case warning = 2
kayoslab / QueueHandler.swift
Created Sep 5, 2017
A simple Generic Queue with different priority Levels
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import Foundation
/// Different Priority Levels for Queue Objects
public enum QueuePriority: Int {
case low = 0
case medium = 1
case high = 2
/// Returns the priority Type for using the main Queue.
fileprivate static func mainQueuePriority() -> QueuePriority {