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@kaz29 kaz29/ansible.cfg
Created Mar 13, 2018

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Ansible custom module for ansible
ssh_args=-o ControlMaster=auto -o ControlPersist=30m
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# (c) 2018, Kaz Watanabe <>
ANSIBLE_METADATA = {'status': ['stableinterface'],
'supported_by': 'community',
'version': '1.0'}
module: mackerel
short_description: Send Mackerek graph annotation
version_added: "1.6"
author: "kaz29 (@kaz_29)"
html_escape_table = {
'&': "&amp;",
'>': "&gt;",
'<': "&lt;",
'"': "\"",
"'": "\'",
def html_escape(text):
'''Produce entities within text.'''
return "".join(html_escape_table.get(c,c) for c in text)
def build_payload_for_mackerel(module, service, title, description, from_time, to_time, roles):
payload = {
'title': title,
'service': service,
'from': from_time,
'to': to_time,
if description is not None:
payload['description'] = description
if roles is not None:
payload['roles'] = roles
return payload
def do_post_graph_annotation_mackerel(module, apikey, payload):
request_url = BASE_URL % ('/graph-annotations')
headers = {
'Content-Type': 'application/json',
'Accept': 'application/json',
'X-Api-Key': apikey,
response, info = fetch_url(module=module, url=request_url, headers=headers, method='POST', data=payload)
if info['status'] != 200:
module.fail_json(msg=" failed to send %s to %s: %s" % (payload, request_url, info['msg']))
def main():
module = AnsibleModule(
argument_spec = dict(
apikey = dict(type='str', required=True, no_log=True),
service = dict(type='str', required=True, default=None),
title = dict(type='str', required=True, default=None),
description = dict(type='str', required=False, default=None),
from_time = dict(type='int', required=True, default=None),
to_time = dict(type='int', required=True, default=None),
roles = dict(type='list', required=False, default=None)
apikey = module.params['apikey']
service = module.params['service']
title = module.params['title']
description = module.params['description']
from_time = module.params['from_time']
to_time = module.params['to_time']
roles = module.params['roles']
payload = build_payload_for_mackerel(module, service, title, description, from_time, to_time, roles)
do_post_graph_annotation_mackerel(module, apikey, payload)
# import module snippets
from ansible.module_utils.basic import *
from ansible.module_utils.urls import *
if __name__ == '__main__':
- name: Send graph annotation to Mackerel
module: mackerel
title: "{{ inventory_hostname }} provisioning completed!"
apikey: "APIKEY"
service: "SERVICE NAME"
from_time: "{{ lookup('pipe','date +%s') }}"
to_time: "{{ lookup('pipe','date +%s') }}"
become: no
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