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Haskell parser with GHC API
-- ghc Main.hs -package ghc
module Main where
import DynFlags
import FastString
import HsSyn
import Lexer
import Outputable
import Parser
import RdrName
import SrcLoc
import StaticFlags
import StringBuffer
import System.Environment
main :: IO ()
main = do
[file] <- getArgs
mp <- parseHaskell file
case mp of
Nothing -> putStrLn "Parse failed"
Just mdl -> print $ map (showSDoc . ppr) $ hsmodDecls mdl
parseHaskell :: FilePath -> IO (Maybe (HsModule RdrName))
parseHaskell file = do
sbuf <- hGetStringBuffer file
let srcloc = mkSrcLoc (mkFastString file) 1 1
return $ case unP parseModule (mkPState defaultDynFlags sbuf srcloc) of
POk _ (L _ mdl) -> Just mdl
PFailed _ _ -> Nothing
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