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commit 2340bc1ef749df3494ed8897e438fd747e978b67 (origin/kazuho/travis-test, kazuho/travis-test)
Author: Kazuho Oku <>
Date: Mon Mar 22 20:41:34 2021 +0900
add assertion
diff --git a/lib/common/http1client.c b/lib/common/http1client.c
index 25c580d97..221c4b38b 100644
--- a/lib/common/http1client.c
+++ b/lib/common/http1client.c
@@ -577,6 +577,7 @@ static int do_write_req(h2o_httpclient_t *_client, h2o_iovec_t chunk, int is_end
h2o_iovec_t iov = h2o_iovec_init(client->_body_buf_in_flight->bytes, client->_body_buf_in_flight->size);
+ assert(iov.len != 0);
if (client->_is_chunked) {
h2o_iovec_t bufs[3];
size_t bytes;
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