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Uninstall FAH (Folding@Home) removes the FAHClient, LaunchDaemons, and config files. More info at
# This script has been largely taken from Folding@Home's default removal script
# with modifications being only in shortening as we care less about prior names
# of items. We have added in an additional step in removing the config folder
# terminate FAHControl and FAHViewer if running
/usr/bin/killall -TERM FAHControl FAHViewer
# stop folding service
if [ -f "$LaunchDaemon" ]; then
/bin/launchctl unload -w "$LaunchDaemon"
rm -f "$LaunchDaemon"
# try to unload job, even if user manually deleted plist
/bin/launchctl remove org.foldingathome.fahclient
# kill any FAHClient still running
if /bin/ps auxwww | grep "FAHClient" | grep -v 'grep'; then
/bin/sleep 5
/usr/bin/killall -TERM FAHClient
# remove scripts, symlinks, executables
/bin/rm -f /usr/local/bin/FAH{Client,CoreWrapper}
# remove config files
/bin/rm -rf "/Library/Application Support/FAHClient"
# remove apps
/bin/rm -rf "/Applications/Folding@home"
exit 0
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