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kbruner/ Secret

Last active Dec 8, 2020
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for instance in worker-0 worker-1 worker-2; do
cat > ${instance}-csr.json <<EOF
"CN": "system:node:${instance}",
"key": {
"algo": "rsa",
"size": 2048
"names": [
"C": "US",
"L": "At Home",
"O": "system:nodes",
"OU": "Kubernetes The Harder Way",
"ST": "California"
INTERNAL_IP=$(host ${instance} | awk '{print $4}')
cfssl gencert \
-ca=ca.pem \
-ca-key=ca-key.pem \
-config=ca-config.json \
-hostname=${instance},${INTERNAL_IP} \
-profile=kubernetes \
${instance}-csr.json | cfssljson -bare ${instance}
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