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# Run for Pomodoro timer. Defaults to 25 min session and 5 minute break.
# Set $QUIET environment variable to eliminate the countdown output.
# I run it with a gnome-terminal profile called "pomodoro" where I have
# the text size set to 72 pt, with text and background colors adjusted,
# starting it like this:
# gnome-terminal --window-with-profile pomodoro --hide-menubar -- \
# sh -c "setterm -cursor off; resize -s 1 7; pomodoro $1 $2"
kcivey /
Created Aug 6, 2019
add captions to images
# Give a tab-separated file of filenames for images and captions (captions.tsv), add the captions
# at the bottom of the corresponding images. Requires that identity and imagemagick be installed.
set -e
#set -x
mkdir -p $DIR
while read line