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# by
# this prints out some branch status (similar to the '... ahead' info you get from git status)
# example:
# $ git branch-status
# dns_check (ahead 1) | (behind 112) origin/master
# master (ahead 2) | (behind 0) origin/master
git for-each-ref --format="%(refname:short) %(upstream:short)" refs/heads | \
while read local remote
[ -z "$remote" ] && continue
git rev-list --left-right ${local}...${remote} -- 2>/dev/null >/tmp/git_upstream_status_delta || continue
LEFT_AHEAD=$(grep -c '^<' /tmp/git_upstream_status_delta)
RIGHT_AHEAD=$(grep -c '^>' /tmp/git_upstream_status_delta)
echo "$local (ahead $LEFT_AHEAD) | (behind $RIGHT_AHEAD) $remote"
if [ "$tot_diff" == "0" ]; then
echo "Everything is synchronized."

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@bill-auger bill-auger commented Oct 31, 2014

building on @knovoselic version - i prettified it a bit more:

  • formatted results into columns
  • added ability to filter by branch name and to show locals
  • removed the temp file i/o
  • added some switches and usage message

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