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Karsten Dambekalns kdambekalns

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kdambekalns / LanguageVariantFinder.fusion
Created Dec 21, 2017
Provide link to "other language" only if it "exists"
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prototype(Acme.AcmeCom:LanguageVariantFinder) < prototype(Neos.Fusion:RawArray) {
requestedLanguageCode = ${documentNode.context.targetDimensions.language}
otherLanguageCode = ${this.requestedLanguageCode == 'en' ? 'de' : 'en'}
otherLanguageLabel = ${this.otherLanguageCode == 'en' ? 'Englisch' : 'German'}
otherLanguageText = ${this.otherLanguageCode == 'en' ? 'Diese Seite ist auch verfügbar auf' : 'This page is also available in'}
nodeVariantsExist = ${Array.length(q(documentNode).find('main').find('[instanceof TYPO3.Neos:Content]').context({'dimensions': {'language': [this.otherLanguageCode]}, 'targetDimensions': {'language': this.otherLanguageCode}}).get()) > 0}
otherLanguageNode = ${this.nodeVariantsExist ? q(documentNode).context({'dimensions': {'language': [this.otherLanguageCode, this.requestedLanguageCode]}, 'targetDimensions': {'language': this.otherLanguageCode}}).get(0) : null}
kdambekalns /
Last active Oct 9, 2015
Open questions on OData v4

This document collects some odd bits and pieces on OData v4.

Content negotiation

The $metadata document

The OData specification says:

If a request for metadata does not specify a format preference (via Accept header or $format) then the XML representation MUST be returned.

kdambekalns /
Last active Sep 24, 2015
How to update an existing PR to the new PSR-2 standard
kdambekalns / composer.json
Created Aug 19, 2015
Minimum composer.json for a Neos 2.0.* project
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"name": "amce/site-distribution",
"description" : "Acme Neos Distribution",
"license": "proprietary",
"config": {
"vendor-dir": "Packages/Libraries",
"bin-dir": "bin"
"require": {
"typo3/neos": "^2.0.0",
kdambekalns / gist:186f2c5237ab1bfd7c8e
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Solving issues with Neos 1.x or Flow 2.x and doctrine/migrations
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Flow has always used doctrine/migrations as dev-master. Now a 1.0 release of the migrations package is approaching and some breaking changes spoil the fun. See these issues for some details:

The typo3/flow package has been updated and new 2.x releases have been tagged. But you need to make sure your root manifest (composer.json) is requiring the correct version of doctrine/migrations as well. It should be pinned to the last version that is known not to conflict with the other dependencies of Flow.

Below is what you must require instead of anything else (like @dev or dev-master).

kdambekalns /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Using injected properties of Flow functional test in @dataProvider

PHPUnit collects the data from a dataProvider early during test execution, so the PersistenceManager instance is NULL, if used directly in the provider. Returning a closure that is re-bound during the the test makes this work.

kdambekalns / patchset-created
Last active Aug 20, 2020
Gerrit commit message check hook
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while [ "$1" != "" ]; do
case $1 in
--change) CHANGE=$2; shift;;
--project) PROJECT=$2; shift;;
--branch) BRANCH=$2; shift;;
--uploader) UPLOADER=$2; shift;;
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kdambekalns / README.rst
Created Feb 12, 2014
Fetch changes from Gerrit automatically (from
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How to use

This script reads changes from the file gerrit.json. The description is just for the humans working with the file, the important bits are the project name and the numeric change id. If the change id is amended with a command and number that means "fetch that specific patch set" instread of the latest one.

If you have gerrit.json ready just run php gerrit_update.php and watch the magic. :)