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Created June 1, 2018 05:49
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HiDPI display with not so HiDPI external monitor
export DISPLAY=:0
function connect(){
# echo 'connect'
# sleep 2
xrandr > /dev/null
# xrandr --output "$disp2" --right-of "$disp"
# xrandr --output "$disp" --mode 2048x1152 --dpi 151 --output "$disp2" --auto --right-of "$disp"
xrandr --output "$disp" --auto --dpi 283 --output "$disp2" --scale 2x2 --mode 1920x1080 --right-of "$disp"
cur=$(xrandr | pcregrep -o1 "current (\w+ x \w+)")
notify-send "Resolution with $disp2 is $cur"
function disconnect(){
# sleep 2
# echo 'disconnect'
xrandr > /dev/null
# xrandr --output "$disp2" --off --output "disp" --mode 2048x1152 --dpi 151
xrandr --output "$disp" --auto --dpi 283 --output "$disp2" --off
# xrandr --output "disp2" --off
cur=$(xrandr | pcregrep -o1 "current (\w+ x \w+)")
notify-send "Resolution without $disp2 is $cur"
xrandr | grep "$disp2 connected" &> /dev/null && connect || disconnect
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