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Created Dec 30, 2018
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"0": [
"Piano 1",
"Piano 2",
"Piano 3",
"Honky-tonk Piano",
"E.Piano 1",
"E.Piano 2",
"Music Box",
"Organ 1",
"Organ 2",
"Organ 3",
"Church Org.1",
"Reed Organ",
"Accordion Fr",
"Jazz Gt.",
"Clean Gt.",
"Muted Gt.",
"Overdrive Gt",
"Acoustic Bs.",
"Fingered Bs.",
"Picked Bass",
"Fretless Bs.",
"Slap Bass 1",
"Slap Bass 2",
"Synth Bass 1",
"Synth Bass 2",
"Tremolo Str",
"Slow Strings",
"Choir Aahs",
"Voice Oohs",
"French Horn",
"Brass 1",
"Synth Brass 1",
"Synth Brass 2",
"Soprano Sax",
"Alto Sax",
"Tenor Sax",
"Baritone Sax",
"English Horn",
"Pan Flute",
"Bottle Blow",
"Square Wave",
"Saw Wave",
"Chiffer Lead",
"Solo Vox",
"5th Saw Wave",
"Bass & Lead",
"Warm Pad",
"Space Voice",
"Bowed Glass",
"Metal Pad",
"Halo Pad",
"Sweep Pad",
"Ice Rain",
"Echo Drops",
"Star Theme",
"Bag Pipe",
"Tinkle Bell",
"Steel Drums",
"Melo. Tom 1",
"Synth Drum",
"Reverse Cym.",
"Breath Noise",
"Telephone 1",
"Gun Shot"
"1": [
"Upright Piano",
"Pop Piano",
"EG+Rhodes 1",
"E. Piano 3",
"Harpsichord 2",
"Clavinet 2",
"Pop Celesta",
"Music Box 2",
"Hard Vibe",
"Santur 2",
"Organ 101",
"Organ 201",
"Harmonica 2",
"Mellow Gt.",
"Clean Half Gt.",
"Muted Dis.Gt",
"Overdrive Gt 2",
"Fingered Bs2",
"Pick Bass 2",
"Fretless Bs2",
"Slap Pop Bass",
"Slap Bass 3",
"Synth Bass101",
"Violin Attack",
"Viola Attack",
"Cello Attack",
"Vcs & Cbs Pizzicato",
"Harp & Strings",
"Strings 2",
"OB Strings",
"Synth Strings 5",
"Chorus Oohs",
"Synth Vox 2",
"Bass Hit",
"Trumpet 2",
"Trombone 2",
"Tuba 2",
"Cupped Muted Trumpet",
"French Horn2",
"Brass ff",
"Poly Brass",
"Soft Brass",
"Tenor Sax Legato",
"Baritone Sax Legato",
"Piccolo Legato",
"Flute 2",
"Shakuhachi Legato",
"Whistle 2",
"Vent Synth",
"TB Lead",
"Wire Lead",
"Solo Vox 2",
"Big Fives",
"Big & Raw",
"Fantasia 2",
"Thick Pad",
"80's PolySyn",
"Heaven II",
"Soft Bell Pad",
"Tine Pad",
"Vox Pad",
"Polar Pad",
"Harmo Rain ",
"Syn Mallet",
"Warm Atmos",
"Shining Star",
"Echo Bell",
"Star Theme 2",
"Sitar 2",
"Muted Banjo",
"Gu Zheng",
"Shannai 2",
"Island Mallet",
"Small Taiko",
"Real Tom",
"Reverse Cym2",
"Gt.Cut Noise",
"Fl.Key Click",
"Telephone 2",
"Machine Gun"
"10": [
"Silent Rhodes",
"E. Piano Legend",
"Church Bell 2",
"Full Organ 7",
"Atk Steel Gt",
"Les Paul Half Drive Gt",
"Tekno Bass",
"Suspense Strings 2",
"Tremolo Orch",
"St.Slow Str.",
"Syn. Strings 6",
"Straight Strings",
"Church Choir",
"Jazz Voice Bop",
"Synth Voice 2",
"Double Hit",
"Brass Sfz",
"Synth Orchestra Brass",
"Reso Brass",
"KG Lead",
"JP8000 Saw Wave",
"Double Square Wave",
"Acid Guitar 2",
"Vox Lead 2",
"Human Pad",
"Reso Stack",
"Auh Auh",
"Synth Vox Pad 2",
"Celestial Pad",
"Tambra Pad",
"Music Bell",
"Heaven Atmosphere",
"LFO Rave",
"Panning Lead",
"Dream Pad 2",
"Bodhran Mute",
"Uillean Pipe Nm",
"Gamelan Gong",
"Sine Perc.",
"Gt. Note Slap",
"Phono Noise",
"11": [
"Full Organ 8",
"Les Paul Half Drive 2",
"TB303 Bass 2",
"Wire String Bass",
"Choir Str.",
"St. Slow Strings 2",
"Syn. Strings 7",
"Boys Choir",
"Jazz Voice Doun",
"Percussion Hit",
"Square Distortion Brass",
"Twin Sine Wave",
"D-50 Fat Saw",
"Dance Distortion Guitar",
"Sync Brass Pad",
"Techno Stack",
"Breath & Rise",
"Bagpipe Sweep",
"CP Pad",
"Analog Bell",
"Tambra Atmosphere",
"LFO Horror",
"Panning Brass",
"Silky Pad 2",
"Uillean Pipe Organ",
"606 Tom",
"Gt. Chord Stroke",
"MC-500 Beep",
"Percussion Bang"
"12": [
"Full Organ 9",
"Les Paul Chorus Gt",
"Kicked TB303 Bass",
"Blip Bass",
"Strings & Horn",
"St. Strings & Choir",
"LoFi Strings",
"Boys Choir 2",
"Jazz Voice Thum",
"Shock Wave",
"Brass Sfz 2",
"JP8000 Saw Brass",
"OB Double Saw Wave",
"Dance Distortion Guitar 2",
"Octave PWM Pad",
"Pulse Stack",
"Holy Voices",
"Tears Voices",
"Sweep Pipe",
"Blow Bell",
"LFO Techno",
"909 Tom",
"Biwa Stroke",
"Scratch 3",
"127": [
"MT Acoustic Piano 1 ",
"MT Acoustic Piano 2 ",
"MT Acoustic Piano 3 ",
"MT E. Piano 1 ",
"MT E. Piano 2 ",
"MT E. Piano 3 ",
"MT E. Piano 4 ",
"MT Honky-tonk Piano ",
"MT E. Organ 1 ",
"MT E. Organ 2 ",
"MT E. Organ 3 ",
"MT E. Organ 4 ",
"MT Pipe Organ 1 ",
"MT Pipe Organ 2 ",
"MT Pipe Organ 3 ",
"MT Accordion ",
"MT Harpsichord 1 ",
"MT Harpsichord 2 ",
"MT Harpsichord 3 ",
"MT Clavinet 1 ",
"MT Clavinet 2 ",
"MT Clavinet 3 ",
"MT Celesta 1 ",
"MT Celesta 2 ",
"MT Synth Brass 1 ",
"MT Synth Brass 2 ",
"MT Synth Brass 3 ",
"MT Synth Brass 4 ",
"MT Synth Bass 1 ",
"MT Synth Bass 2 ",
"MT Synth Bass 3 ",
"MT Synth Bass 4 ",
"MT Fantasy ",
"MT Harmonic Pan ",
"MT Chorale ",
"MT Glasses ",
"MT Soundtrack ",
"MT Atmosphere ",
"MT Warm Bell ",
"MT Funny Vox ",
"MT Echo Bell ",
"MT Ice Rain ",
"MT Oboe 2001 ",
"MT Echo Pan ",
"MT Doctor Solo ",
"MT School Daze ",
"MT Bellsinger ",
"MT Square Wave ",
"MT String Section 1 ",
"MT String Section 2 ",
"MT String Section 3 ",
"MT Pizzicato Strings ",
"MT Violin 1 ",
"MT Violin 2 ",
"MT Cello 1 ",
"MT Cello 2 ",
"MT Contrabass ",
"MT Harp 1 ",
"MT Harp 2 ",
"MT Guitar 1 ",
"MT Guitar 2 ",
"MT E. Guitar 1 ",
"MT E. Guitar 2 ",
"MT Sitar ",
"MT Acoustic Bass 1 ",
"MT Acoustic Bass 2 ",
"MT E. Bass 1 ",
"MT E. Bass 2 ",
"MT Slap Bass 1 ",
"MT Slap Bass 2 ",
"MT Fretless Bass 1 ",
"MT Fretless Bass 2 ",
"MT Flute 1 ",
"MT Flute 2 ",
"MT Piccolo 1 ",
"MT Piccolo 2 ",
"MT Recorder ",
"MT Pan Pipes ",
"MT Sax 1 ",
"MT Sax 2 ",
"MT Sax 3 ",
"MT Sax 4 ",
"MT Clarinet 1 ",
"MT Clarinet 2 ",
"MT Oboe ",
"MT English Horn ",
"MT Bassoon ",
"MT Harmonica ",
"MT Trumpet 1 ",
"MT Trumpet 2 ",
"MT Trombone 1 ",
"MT Trombone 2 ",
"MT French Horn 1 ",
"MT French Horn 2 ",
"MT Tuba ",
"MT Brass Section 1 ",
"MT Brass Section 2 ",
"MT Vibraphone 1 ",
"MT Vibraphone 2 ",
"MT Synth Mallet ",
"MT Windbell ",
"MT Glock ",
"MT Tubular-bell ",
"MT Xylophone ",
"MT Marimba ",
"MT Koto ",
"MT Sho ",
"MT Shakuhachi ",
"MT Whistle 1 ",
"MT Whistle 2 ",
"MT Bottleblow ",
"MT Breathpipe ",
"MT Timpani ",
"MT Melodic Tom ",
"MT Deep Snare ",
"MT E. Percussion 1 ",
"MT E. Percussion 2 ",
"MT Taiko ",
"MT Taiko Rim ",
"MT Cymbal ",
"MT Castanets ",
"MT Triangle ",
"MT Orchestra Hit ",
"MT Telephone ",
"MT Bird Tweet ",
"MT One Note Jam ",
"MT Water Bell ",
"MT Jungle Tune "
"13": [
"TB303 Saw Bass",
"Rubber Bass 1",
"Strings & Flute",
"St. Strings & Choir 2",
"St. Boys Choir",
"Bounce Hit",
"JP Double Saw Wave",
"JP Soft Pad",
"Twin Octave Rave",
"Stack Sweep",
"Hyper Bell",
"606 Distortion Tom",
"Biwa Tremolo",
"Scratch 4",
"Glass & Glam"
"14": [
"Rubber 303 Bass",
"Synth Bell Bs",
"Choir Strings",
"Rich Choir",
"Drill Hit",
"Fat Pop Brass",
"Fat Saw Lead 2",
"Octave Rave",
"Deep Sweep",
"Scratch 5",
"Ice Ring"
"15": [
"Reso 303 Bass",
"Odd Bass",
"Choir Strings 2",
"Thrill Hit",
"JP Super Saw Wave",
"Happy Synth",
"Stray Pad",
"Gargle Man",
"Scratch 6",
"Over Blow"
"16": [
"Piano 1d",
"Dance Piano",
"E.Piano 1w",
"E.Piano 2w",
"Reso Clav",
"Tubular Bell w",
"Zither 1",
"60's Organ 1",
"Rotary Org.S",
"Church Org.3",
"Puff Organ",
"Chorus Accordian",
"Bandoneon 3",
"Nylon Gt.o",
"Tele Guitar Front Pick",
"Funk Gt.2",
"Power Guitar",
"Bass & OHH",
"Fingered Bass Harmonics",
"Picked Bass Harmonics",
"Reso SH Bass",
"Rubber Bass",
"Solo Spic",
"Synth Harp",
"High Strings",
"Choir Hahs",
"Female Voice Lah",
"VP330 Choir",
"Lo Fi Rave",
"4th Trumpets",
"Horn Orch",
"Brass Fall",
"Alto Sax & Trumpet",
"Multi Reed",
"Multi Wind",
"Tron Flute",
"P5 Square",
"Waspy Synth",
"P5 Sync Lead",
"Forward Sweep",
"Choral Bells",
"Sweep FX",
"New Century",
"RAMA Cymbal",
"Junble Bass Drum",
"Rash Snare Drum",
"Rev.Kick 1",
"A. Bs. Noise Menu",
"Pink Noise",
"Scratch 7",
"Crack Bottle",
"Voice One"
"17": [
"Distortion E.Piano",
"Phase Clavinet",
"Zither 2",
"60's Organ 2",
"Rock Organ",
"Mandolin 2",
"Tele Guitar Rear Pick",
"303 Square Bass",
"SH101 Base 1",
"Strings Spicato",
"St. Strings 2",
"Hybrid Strings",
"Female Chorus Lah",
"Vinyl Choir",
"Techno Orchestra Hit",
"Trumpet Fall",
"Hybrid Brass",
"Velo Brass 2",
"Sax Section",
"Quad Wind",
"Indian Flute",
"Zampona Attack",
"OB Square",
"PM Lead",
"Fat Sync Lead",
"Reverse Sweep",
"Air Bells",
"LM Has Come",
"7th Atmosphere",
"Angklung Rhythm",
"Techno Bass Drum",
"House Snare Drum",
"Distortion Guitar Noise Menu",
"White Noise",
"Pour Bottle",
"Voice Two"
"18": [
"60's Organ 3",
"Rock Organ 2",
"Mandolin Down Up",
"Tele Guitar Clean ff",
"5th Dist.",
"TB303 Distortion Bass",
"SH101 Bass 2",
"St. Strings 3",
"Female Voice Luh",
"JX8p Vox",
"Distortion Hit",
"Octave Synth Brass",
"JP8 Square",
"CS Saw Lead",
"Rock Lead",
"Bell Harp",
"Falling Insect",
"Galaxy Way",
"Jungle Snare Drum",
"E. Guitar Noise Menu 1",
"Voice Three"
"19": [
"Farf Organ",
"Tele Guitar Clean 2",
"Clavinet Bass",
"Smooth Bass",
"Orchestra 3",
"Female Chorus Lah",
"Analog Voice",
"Bam Hit",
"BPF Brass",
"Distortion Square Wave",
"5th Decasync",
"LFO Octave Rave",
"Rising Osc",
"Kanoon & Choir",
"Kelontuk Mt",
"909 Snare Drum",
"E. Guitar Noise Menu 2",
"Open CD Tray",
"Voice Tah"
"2": [
"Mild Piano",
"Rock Piano",
"EG+Rhodes 2",
"Harpsichord 3",
"Atk Clavinet",
"Santur 3",
"Full Organ 1",
"E. Organ 16+2",
"Open Hard Gt.",
"Tele Gt. Muted",
"Overdrive Gt. 3",
"Dazed Guitar",
"Jazz Bass",
"Pick Bass 3",
"Fretless Bs3",
"CS Bass",
"Modular Bass",
"Tremolo Stereo Strings",
"Chamber Pizzicato",
"St. Harp",
"Chamber Strings Legato",
"Stack Strings",
"Juno Strings",
"Voice Oohs 2",
"Synth Vox 3",
"6th Hit",
"Trumpet Legato",
"Twin Trombones",
"Muted Trumpet 2",
"Horn & Orchestra",
"Trombone Section",
"Stack Brass",
"Warm Brass",
"Flute Exp.",
"Hollow Mini",
"Pulse Saw",
"Pure PanLead",
"Hybrid Lead",
"Feedback Charang",
"5th Lead",
"Fat & Perky",
"New Age Pad",
"Horn Pad",
"Polysynth 2",
"SC Heaven",
"JP8 Square Pad",
"Panner Pad",
"Vox Sweep",
"Ambient BPF Pad",
"African Wood",
"Soft Crystal",
"Nylon Harp",
"OB Stab",
"50's Sci-Fi",
"Echo Pan",
"Star Mind",
"Detuned Sitar",
"Real Tom 2",
"Reverse Cymbal 3",
"String Slap",
"Breath Noise Menu",
"20": [
"Les Paul Rear Pickup",
"SH-101 Bass 3",
"Orchestra 4",
"Female Voice Lan",
"Bit Hit",
"303 Square Distortion 1",
"Dirty Sync",
"Juno Bell",
"Just Before",
"Kelontuk Sid",
"Guitar Stroke Menu",
"Audio Switch",
"Voice Whey"
"21": [
"Les Paul Rear 2",
"Jungle Bass",
"Spike Bass",
"Female Chorus Lan",
"Bim Hit",
"303 Square Distortion 2",
"Dual Sync Lead",
"JP Bell",
"Random Fl. Chord",
"Kopyak Op",
"Guitar Slide Menu",
"Key Typing"
"22": [
"Les Paul Rear Attack",
"Square Bass",
"House Bass",
"Female Voice Aah",
"Technorg Hit",
"303 Mix Square Wave",
"LA Brass Lead",
"Pizzicato Bell",
"Random Ending",
"Kopyak Mt",
"A. Bs. Mute Noise",
"SL 1",
"Voice Kikit"
"23": [
"Mid Tone Guitar",
"Square Bass 2",
"KG Bass",
"Female Voice Uuh",
"Rave Orchestra Hit",
"Dual Square & Saw Waves",
"Bottom Bell",
"Random Sine",
"Ceng Ceng",
"A. Bs. Touch Noise",
"SL 2",
"Voice Come On"
"24": [
"Piano & Strings",
"60's E.Piano",
"Hard FM EP",
"Log Drum",
"Cheese Organ",
"Rotary Org.F",
"Organ Flute",
"Hard Accordian",
"Velo Harmnix",
"Chung Ruan Guitar",
"Jazz Man Gt.",
"Rock Rhythm",
"E.Bass Harmonics",
"Arpeggio Bass",
"Sync Bass",
"Yang Qin",
"Velo Strings",
"Tron Strings",
"Choir Lahs",
"Female Voice Lah & Lan",
"Strings Hit",
"Bright Tp.",
"French Horn Rip",
"Octave Brass",
"Tin Whistle",
"Pulse Lead",
"MG Saw Wave 1",
"Juno Sub-Osc",
"Minor Rave",
"Eating Filter",
"Octave Harp",
"Finger Snaps",
"Kendang Wadon",
"Jungle Snare Drum Roll",
"Rev. Tom 1",
"A. Bs. Attack Noise",
"Car Engine 2",
"Voice Aou"
"25": [
"Piano & Strings 2",
"Hard Rhodes",
"Chung Ruan Guitar 2",
"Rock Rhythm2",
"Yang Qin 2",
"Warm Tp.",
"Tin Whistle Nm",
"JP8 Pulse Lead 1",
"2600 Sub Osc.",
"Noise Saw Hit",
"Rev. Tom 2",
"TC Up Noise",
"Car Horn",
"Voice Oou"
"26": [
"Piano & Choir 1",
"D-50 Organ",
"Soft Accordian",
"Distortion Rhythm Gt",
"MG 5th Bass",
"Synth Yang Qin",
"Noise Strings",
"Stack Hit",
"Warm Tp. 2",
"Brass & Reed",
"Tin Whistle Or",
"JP8 Pulse Lead 2",
"MG Saw Wave 2",
"JP8000 Fd Osc",
"Pour Magic",
"Rev. Tom 3",
"TC Down Mt. Noise",
"Voice Hie"
"27": [
"Piano & Choir 2",
"Hybrid Organ",
"Wow MG Bass",
"Clap Hit",
"Twin Trumpets",
"MG Reso. Pulse",
"OB Saw 2",
"Dancing Drill",
"Dholak 1",
"Rev. Tom 4",
"TC Up Mt. Noise",
"Rail Crossing"
"28": [
"VS Organ",
"Bubble Bass",
"JP8 Pulse Lead 3",
"D50 Saw",
"Dirty Stack",
"Oud & Strings",
"Dholak 2",
"TC Down Noise",
"29": [
"Digi Church Organ",
"Attack Pulse",
"260 Ring Lead",
"SH101 Saw",
"Big Blue",
"Distortion Gt. Up Noise",
"Sword Boom!"
"3": [
"Atk Clavinet 2",
"Full Organ 2",
"Jazz Organ 2",
"Open Hard Gt. 2",
"More Drive",
"Distortion Gt. Legato",
"Jazz Bass 2",
"Pick Bass 4",
"Fretless Bs4",
"JP-4 Bass",
"Seq Bass",
"St. Pizzicato Strings",
"Cello Section",
"JP Strings",
"Filtered Orchestra",
"Chorus Oohs 2",
"Euro Hit",
"Dark Trumpet",
"Trombones & Tuba",
"Muted Trumpet 3",
"Wide French Horns",
"Stereo Brass ff",
"SH-5 Brass",
"Synth Brass 3",
"Flute Travelso",
"Mellow FM",
"Feline GR",
"Unison Square Lead",
"Fat GR Lead",
"5th Ana. Clav",
"Juno Rave",
"Bell Heaven",
"Rotary Strng",
"Poly King Pad",
"Itopia Pad",
"7th Bell Pad",
"Steel Pad",
"Sync Pad",
"Anklung Pad",
"Prolog 2",
"Round Glock",
"Brass Star",
"Echo Pan 2",
"Star Dust",
"Sitar 3",
"Jazz Tom",
"Reverse Cymbal 4",
"Flute Breath 1",
"Bird 2",
"30": [
"JX8 Organ",
"Sync Bass 2",
"303 Distortion Lead",
"Static Hit",
"Distortion Gt. Down Noise 1",
"Sword Cross"
"31": [
"FM Organ",
"Pulse Mix Bass",
"JP8000 Distortion Lead",
"MG Saw Lead",
"Atl. Mod. FX",
"Distortion Gt. Down Noise 2",
"Stab! 1"
"32": [
"E.Piano Phase",
"Synth Harpsichord",
"Analog Clavinet",
"Organ 4",
"Organ 5",
"Nylon Gt.2",
"Steel Gt.2",
"Hit & Saw Bass",
"MG Distortion Bass",
"Octave Strings",
"Choir Aahs 2",
"Voice Wah Mal",
"Synth Trumpet",
"Orchestra Brass",
"Hip Hop Sine Lead",
"OB Saw Lead",
"Acid Copter",
"Pi Pa",
"Jungle Crash",
"909 Hand Clap",
"Jungle Bass Drum Roll",
"Distortion Gt. Mute Noise",
"Stab! 2"
"33": [
"JP8 Clavinet",
"Even Bar",
"Percussion Organ 2",
"Theater Organ",
"Steel Gt. & Body",
"Ring Bass",
"Seq Bass 2",
"Octave Strings 2",
"Male Aah Choir & Strings",
"Chorus Wah Mal",
"Orchestra Brass 2",
"Hip Hop Square Lead",
"P5 Saw Lead",
"Suona 2 map 3"
"34": [
"Percussion Organ 3",
"Attack Sine Bass",
"3rd Bass",
"Contra Bass Section",
"Voice Woh Mal",
"Hip Hop Pulse Lead",
"MG Unison",
"Gt. Stroke Noise 5"
"35": [
"JP8 Clavinet 2",
"Percussion Organ 4",
"OB Sine Bass",
"MG Octave Bass",
"Chorus Woh Mal",
"St. Fat Pop Brass",
"Flux Pulse",
"Octave Saw Lead",
"Steel Gt. Slide Noise"
"36": [
"Synth Ring Clavinet",
"Auxiliary Bass",
"Slow Envelope Bass",
"Voice Aah Mal",
"St. Orchestra Brass",
"Natural Lead",
"Steel Gt. Slide Noise 2"
"37": [
"Synth Distortion Clavinet",
"Mild Bass",
"Voice Ooh Mal",
"St. Orchestra Brass 2",
"Steel Gt. Slide Noise 3"
"38": [
"JP8000 Clavinet",
"Distortion Envelope Bass",
"St. Orchestra Brass 3",
"CS Saw",
"Steel Gt. Slide Noise 4"
"39": [
"Pulse Clavinet",
"MG Light Bass",
"Gt. Stroke Noise 1"
"4": [
"Full Organ 3",
"Jazz Organ 3",
"JC Clean Gt.",
"Guitar Pinch",
"Distortion Fast Gt.",
"Rock Bass",
"Double Pick Bass",
"Syn Fretless",
"JP-8 Bass",
"MG Bass",
"Bright Strings 2",
"Chorus Strings",
"JP Saw Strings",
"Chorus Oohs Code Maj7",
"Trumpet & Noise",
"Bright Trombone",
"Quad Brass 1",
"MKS Brass",
"Sync Brass",
"CC Solo",
"Big Lead",
"Fat Solo Lead",
"Windy GR Lead",
"5th Pulse",
"JP-8 Bass & Lead 1",
"Fantasia 3",
"Soft Pad",
"Super Poly Pad",
"Water Space Pad",
"Steel Glass Pad",
"Special Rave Pad",
"Warriors Pad",
"Rattle Pad",
"Hols Strings",
"Loud Glock",
"Choir Stab",
"Big Panner",
"Rep. Trance",
"Brush Tom",
"Flute Breath 2",
"Heart Beat",
"40": [
"Organ Bass",
"Lequint Gt.",
"303 Square Distortion Bass 1",
"Distortion Synth Bass",
"60's Strings",
"Voice Humming",
"Sequence Saw 1",
"Crash Menu",
"Hand Clap Menu",
"Kick Menu 1",
"Snare Drum Menu 1",
"Reverse Snare Drum Menu 1",
"Gt. Stroke Noise 2"
"41": [
"303 Square Distortion Bass 2",
"Rise Bass",
"Sequence Saw 2",
"Ride Cymbal menu",
"Kick Menu 2",
"Snare Drum Menu 2",
"Reverse Snare Drum Menu 2",
"Gt. Stroke Noise 3"
"42": [
"303 Square Distortion Bass 3",
"Cyber Bass",
"Reso Saw",
"Ride Bell Menu",
"Kick Menu 3",
"Snare Drum Menu 3",
"Reverse Snare Drum Menu 3",
"Gt. Stroke Noise 4"
"43": [
"303 Square Rev Bass",
"Cheese Saw 1",
"Kick Menu 4",
"Snare Drum Menu 4",
"Reverse Bass Drum Menu 1"
"44": [
"TeeBee Bass",
"Cheese Saw 2",
"Snare Drum Menu 5",
"Reverse Bass Drum Menu 2"
"45": [
"Rhythmic Saw",
"Reverse Bass Drum Menu 3"
"46": [
"Sequenced Saw 2",
"Reverse Clap Menu"
"47": [
"Techno Saw Wave"
"48": [
"5th Organ"
"5": [
"Full Organ 4",
"Jazz Organ 4",
"Atk Clean Gt.",
"Atk Drive Gt.",
"Attack Distortion Gt.",
"Heart Bass",
"P5 Bass",
"MG Octave Bass 1",
"Bright Strings 3",
"Hybrid Strings 2",
"Choir Oohs Code Sus4",
"Quad Brass 2",
"Jump Brass",
"Fat Synth Brass",
"Velo Lead",
"Forceful Lead",
"Mellow GR Lead",
"JP 5th Saw Wave",
"JP-8 Bass & Lead 2",
"Fantasia 4",
"Sine Pad",
"Cold Space Pad",
"Bottle Stack Pad",
"Metal Pad 2",
"Saw Impulse Pad",
"History Wave",
"D-50 Retour",
"LFO Pad",
"Reso Panner",
"Sitar 4",
"Bass Slide",
"Flute Breath 3",
"Wind Chimes",
"Big Shot"
"6": [
"Full Organ 5",
"Jazz Organ 5",
"Attack Finger Bass",
"JPMG Bass",
"MG Octave Bass 2",
"Quad Strings",
"Distortion Strings",
"Jazz Voice Scat",
"Deep Synth Brass",
"LM Square",
"Octave Unison Lead",
"GR & Pulse Lead",
"JP8000 5th Feedback",
"SH-5 Bass & Lead",
"After D!",
"OB Soft Pad 2",
"Noise Peaker",
"Strange Strings",
"Clear Bells",
"Ambient Pad",
"Southern Wind",
"Random Strings",
"Water Piano",
"Mystic Pad",
"Pick Scrape",
"Vox Breath",
"Wind 2",
"Growl 2",
"Applause 2",
"Explosion 2"
"7": [
"Full Organ 6",
"Jazz Organ 6",
"Finger Slap Bass",
"MG Blip Bass",
"Mild Strings",
"Juno Full Strings",
"JP8000 PWM",
"LA Saw",
"Unison Saw Lead",
"Delayed Lead",
"260 Harmonic Pad",
"Bamboo Hit",
"Fast Forward Pad",
"Symbolic Bell",
"Random Pad",
"Echo Synth Bass",
"Vox Breath 2",
"Fancy Animal",
"Scratch 2",
"Applause - Small Club"
"8": [
"Piano 1w",
"Piano 2w",
"Piano 3w",
"Honky-tonk Piano w",
"Detuned EP 1",
"Detuned EP 2",
"Coupled Hps.",
"Comp Clav",
"St. Music Box",
"Marimba w",
"Xylophone w",
"Church Bell",
"Detuned Or.1",
"Detuned Or.2",
"Rotary Org.",
"Church Org.2",
"Wind Organ",
"Accordion It",
"B. Harp Basic",
"Bandoneon 2",
"Hawaiian Gt.",
"Chorus Gt.",
"Funk Gt.",
"Les Paul Overdrive Gt.",
"Feedback Gt.",
"Wild Acoustic Bass",
"Chorus Jazz Bass",
"Mute PickBs.",
"Wooden Fretless Bass",
"Reso Slap",
"FM Slap",
"Synth Bass 3",
"Synth Bass 4",
"Slow Violin",
"Slow Tremolo",
"Solo Pizzicato",
"Uillean Harp",
"Legato Str.",
"Air Strings",
"Voice Dahs",
"Impact Hit",
"Flugel Horn",
"Bass Trombone",
"Tuba & Horn",
"Horns Muted",
"Fr.Horn Solo",
"Brass 2",
"Synth Brass3",
"Synth Brass4",
"Soprano Sax Exp.",
"Hyper Alto",
"Baritone & Tenor Sax",
"Oboe Exp.",
"Bs Clarinet",
"Flute & Violin",
"Sine Wave",
"Doctor Solo",
"LM Pure Lead",
"Mad Lead",
"Vox Lead",
"3rd Lead",
"Octave Pad",
"Power Stack",
"Cosmic Voice",
"Horror Pad",
"Clavi Pad",
"Vibra Bells",
"Pulsey Key",
"Organ Bell",
"Low Birds Pad",
"Pan Sequence",
"Dream Pad",
"Synth Shamisen",
"Taisho Koto",
"Er Hu",
"Concert BD",
"Melo. Tom 2",
"808 Tom",
"Rev.Snare 1",
"Guitar FX Menu",
"Trombone Noise",
"Scratch Key",
"Applause Wave"
"9": [
"Mild Piano w",
"Rock Piano w",
"Chorus E. Piano",
"Detuned E. Piano 3",
"Organ 109",
"Octave Organ",
"Distortion Accordian",
"B. Harp Suppl",
"JC Chorus Guitar",
"Les Paul Overdrive Gt. Legato",
"Feedback Gt2",
"Gt. Feedback 2",
"Atk. A. Bass",
"Unison Slap",
"TB303 Bass",
"X Wire Bass",
"Suspense Str",
"Orchestra 2",
"Warm Strings",
"Syn. Strings 4",
"Atk Synth Strings",
"Mello Choir",
"Jazz Voice Dat",
"Silent Night",
"Philly Hit",
"Dual Horns",
"Brass 3",
"Quack Brass",
"OB Brass",
"Growl Sax",
"St. Tenor Sax",
"Nay Tremolo",
"Pipe & Reed (Flute & Clarinet)",
"Sine Lead",
"Fat Saw Lead",
"LM Blow Lead",
"Crowding Lead",
"Acid Guitar",
"LFO Vox",
"Stack Pad",
"Octave Stack",
"Auh Vox",
"Synth Vox Pad",
"EP Pad",
"Digi Bells",
"Noise Piano",
"Falling Down",
"Silky Pad",
"San Xian",
"Uillean Pipe",
"Gao Hu",
"Concert BD Mallet",
"Rock Tom",
"Elec Perc",
"Rev.Snare 2",
"Bartok Pizzicato - nap 3",
"Trumpet Noise",
"Tape Rewind",
"Burst Noise",
"Baby Laughing"
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