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boringcactus /
Last active Jan 27, 2019
wifi defucker for windows

wifi defucker

my wifi is fucked. this helps me defuck it.

λ python <my wifi>
  Up....for 4 seconds
Down.........for 10 seconds!
Disconnecting... Disconnection request was completed successfully for interface "Wi-Fi".
Connecting... Connection request was completed successfully.
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define( 'IPB_THIS_SCRIPT', 'public' );
define( 'IPB_LOAD_SQL' , 'queries' );
require_once( '/var/www/path/to/ipb/init.php' );
require_once ROOT_PATH . "sources/ipsclass.php";
require_once KERNEL_PATH . "class_converge.php";
tr4g /
Last active Sep 24, 2015
Módulo de Willie/Sopel para el bot de #Desarrolladores


[25.09.2015] Añadida protección anti flood
[25.09.2015] Añadida protección anti líneas largas
[25.09.2015] Añadida protección anti DEOP
[25.09.2015] Añadida ayuda
[25.09.2015] Contador de números ahora tiene versión "light"