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Last active September 11, 2022 03:19
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Personal subset of the gitmoji standard for better collaborative work!

Personal gitmoji subset


The idea to use semantic symbols in Git commit messages is not exactly new. A while ago, I used the following three basic ASCII symbols at the beginning of my commit messages and my changelog entries:

Symbol Meaning/Commit type
[+] Add new feature
[*] Improvement
[#] Bugfix

Example: [#] Finally fixed memory leak (imagine the hash is a plaster)

Those three simple symbols did the job fairly good for most use cases and were easy to remember. However, they are neither self-explaining nor eye-catching - in fact, some people might even wonder what they mean and ignore them (which defeats the purpose of semantic symbols).

While checking out some popular GitHub repositories, I saw that some people used emojis in their commit messages... And hey, it makes totally sense!

Emojis are daily used in messengers and understood by a broad spectrum of people - so why not use them to type your commits?

As a result, I searched for an open standard/guide for emoji-based commit messages and found gitmoji and I really like the concept with only one simple exception: There are too many emojis. People will fail to recognize, memorize and use them semantically correct.

"Less is more" - so let's concentrate on the most basic ones and...

🎉 Let's subset ⊂ gitmoji

Emoji Code Meaning/Type
:sparkles: Add new feature
:zap: Improve feature
🐛 :bug: Fix bug
🚧 :construction: Work in progress
:white_check_mark: Add test
📝 :memo: Edit documentation

I find this extremely basic subset of gitmoji pretty handy - because it is very generic, it covers many commit scenarios.

What do you think? Do you have a proposal? Just let me know!

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Amazing! thank you!

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