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@kdmurray kdmurray/ forked from mhussain/
Last active Dec 20, 2015

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# Modified by kdmurray from the source at
# - Removed the comparison to the old WAN IP, forces an update each time the script is run
# - Added the touch command to an empty hidden file (~/.last-linode-ddns-refresh) to show
# when the last DDNS update took place.
echo "Fetching public IP address..."
WAN_IP=`curl -s`
echo "Updating DNS to $WAN_IP"
curl -s"$LINODE_API_KEY"\&api_action=domain.resource.update\&DomainID="$DOMAIN_ID"\&ResourceID="$RESOURCE_ID"\&Target="$WAN_IP" > /dev/null
touch ~/.last-linode-ddns-refresh
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