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Created May 15, 2020
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Azure issues

Azure issues

  • Azure is generally slow, both in terms of the API and the machines themselves.
    • The cheaper machines with one CPU actually provide a very small percentage of an actual CPU's computing time.
    • It takes minutes to create a VM and all of its resources.
      • Same with deleting it.
      • Deletion of connected resource must be conducted in specific order, or the resources must be disconnected first. e.g. cannot delete a NIC while it is assigned to a VM.
    • VMs seem to be created one by one, even if the calls to create them were made in parallel.
  • No sensible API lifecycle management. They just cut off a new version with a timestamp in module path, resulting in many, many versions to choose from.
  • API endpoints return identifiers in inconsistent forced casing, e.g. one endpoint returns IDs lowercase, another uppercase, and yet another in the original casing.
  • All fields returned by API (even non-optional!) in the Go SDK are pointers, so they can potentially be nil. Azure SDK sometimes returns nil values even for non-optional values - forcing nil-checks on absolutely everything to avoid panics.
  • API calls to create objects often don't return their IDs, forcing to get it by resource name in a separate call.
  • Some API endpoints accept resource names, and other full resource IDs.
  • When creating a security group with the API, it silently injects its default rules ontop of the explicitly specified ones
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