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A list of Proton Kernel features for the Asus ZenFone 6 / 6z.

Proton Kernel Features

  • Full support for both Android 9 and 10
  • Unparalleled fluidity thanks to:
    • Deep scheduler optimizations
    • Optional 72 Hz screen refresh rate
    • Ultra-low jitter between 0.12 and 0.3 milliseconds (as compared to stock's range of 1.75 to 2.5 ms)
    • Static SchedTune boosting and idle CPU preference
    • CPU affinities tuned specifically for the Snapdragon 855 CPU
    • PELT load tracking with an 8 ms half-life and Android Common Kernel updates
    • Memory bus boosting (using Sultan's devfreq boost driver)
    • Accurate, measured CPU performance capacities in the EAS energy model
    • Reduced unncessary frequent dynamic memory allocations (Sultan, arter97)
    • Master GPU dispatcher thread with high priority (Sultan)
    • Improved Prime cluster utilization
  • Efficient memory utilization enabled by:
  • Faster network speeds as a result of:
  • Magisk preservation
    • No need to re-flash Magisk after kernel installs and updates
  • Low-level driver optimizations for better overall performance:
    • Sultan's IOMMU and ION overhauls that especially help video playback and recording
  • Built on a rock-solid foundation for enhanced security and stability
    • Based on the latest Qualcomm CAF sources
    • Latest mainline LTS updates merged
    • Minimal Asus changes
  • Faster and more reliable storage
    • Latest F2FS fixes and improvements from mainline (f2fs-stable)
    • arter97's Rapid GC for improved long-term performance
    • Optimized hot/cold file extension lists for performance and flash longevity (thanks to arter97)
  • Widespread bug fixes from:
    • Qualcomm's code for the Snapdragon X55 5G mode
    • Mainline LTS updates
  • Compiled with state-of-the-art tools
    • Specialized toolchain built from bleeding-edge LLVM + Clang 10 sources
    • LLVM integrated assembler
    • LLD linker
    • LLVM replacements for the objcopy, nm, ar, and objdump tools
  • A plethora of power-user features
  • Strong security
    • Insecure SELinux auditing removed
    • Fixes for unsafe uninitialized memory usage
    • Unnecessary debugging features and modem diagnostics disabled
    • Support for the USB device lockdown setting in LineageOS Trust
  • Speedy, customized kernel flasher
    • Based on the proven AnyKernel3 template by osm0sis
    • More verbose and concise messages in a user-friendly format
    • Tuned for faster flashing
    • Ramdisk passthrough for improved compatibility with ramdisk modifications
  • Lean size (11 MB) for:
    • Faster downloads
    • Reduced boot times
    • Reduced internal overhead in some areas
  • Strong core philosophies
    • Transparency
    • Open development
    • Performance & fluidity without significant battery compromises
  • Empirical data-driven development
    • Using a variety of low-level benchmarks, many of which are available in my Benchkit Magisk module
    • Constant system monitoring that leverages professional DevOps tools: InfluxDB and Grafana
    • Restored CPU frequency stat accounting (disabled out-of-the-box by Qualcomm)
  • Additional miscellaneous improvements
    • Minimal debugging for increased performance and reduced kernel size
    • Optimized reference counting implementation backported from the mainline ARM kernel mailing list (patch)
    • Improved BBR TCP congestion control algorithm thanks to arter97's mainline backports
    • Profile-based internal driver micro-optimizations
    • 32-bit vDSO to accelerate 32-bit applications
    • Support for overriding network TTL to bypass hotspot detection on some carriers
    • exFAT support using Samsung's sdFAT driver (compatible with both stock and custom ROMs)
    • Reduced CPU frequency stat accounting overhead
    • Backported faster queued spinlock implementation from mainline
    • Backported atomic operation, read-write semaphore, and mutex optimizations from mainline
    • Warm resets to preserve kernel logs across reboots
  • Many other unlisted features and improvements
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