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# Standard packages
{% for package in pillar["ci"]["packages"]["standards"] %}
Package {{ package }} should have the revision {{ pillar["ci"]["revision"] }} active for the {{ pillar['application_environment'] }} environment:
- name: http://xxxx/{{ pillar['application_environment'] }}/{{ package }}/trunk
- target: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\{{ pillar['application_environment'] }}\{{ package }}
- rev: {{ pillar["ci"]["revision"] }}
- username: {{ pillar["ci"]["svn"]["username"] }}
- password: {{ pillar["ci"]["svn"]["password"] }}
- force: true
- parallel: true
- require:
- Destination directory for {{ package }} should exists
- retry:
attempts: 3
until: true
interval: 10
{% endfor %}
Warnings: 'retry' and 'parallel' are invalid keyword arguments for
'svn.latest'. If you were trying to pass additional data to be
used in a template context, please populate 'context' with 'key:
value' pairs. Your approach will work until Salt Oxygen is out.
Please update your state files.
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