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JS: File upload validation
# Just some examples of how to do file validation with javascript
# IS NOT BULLETPROOF and should be coupled with server side validation
# But, it can help
validate_file = ->
file = @fileInput.files[0]
if "name" of file
name =
name = file.fileName
if "size" of file
size = file.size
size = file.fileSize
if not file or not file.type.match(/image.*/)
alert "Only image files can be uploaded"
else if size and size > 5242880
alert "Please choose a file of size 5MB or smaller"
else if name
ext = name.substr(name.lastIndexOf(".") + 1).toLowerCase()
if ext isnt "jpg" and ext isnt "gif" and ext isnt "png" and ext isnt "jpeg"
alert "Please choose an image of type 'jpeg', 'jpg', 'png', or 'gif'"
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