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  • Mac: For Mac, iOS build
    • I used MacOSX 10.9.
  • Windows PC: For Windows, Android build
    • I used Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit.


  • Mac:

    • XCode
  • Windows:

  • Unreal Engine 4

Useful Links

Plugin development with Visual Studio (and XCode)

  • Launch Unreal Engine and start new C++ project. (Mine is Test2.)

    • This will launch Visual Studio. Build solution.
      • Active solution: Development Editor - Windows
    • For XCode, select scheme, destination, configuration before building.
      • Scheme: Test2Editor - Mac
      • Destination: My Mac 64-bit
      • Build Configuration: Development
  • You can find your project at My Documents -> Unreal Projects. Make new folder 'Plugins', and Your Plugin directory (Mine is TestPlugin) there.

    • See my TestPlugin codes Here . Very similar to wiki contents.
  • In Visual Studio, add all .cs, .h, .cpp of plugin to Solution Explorer. And Rebuild project. This should be successful.

  • We will use plugin from the C++ code. Open Test2.Build.cs to add dependency and include path.

  • Edit Test2.cpp

  • Relaunch the project from Unreal Engine. Unreal Editor will show up now.

  • From Unreal Editor,

    • Turn on Output Log (Window -> Output Log.)
    • Choose Window -> Plugins. Enable your plugin and restart Unreal Editor.
  • Now you can see 'Test2: True' from the Output Log.

Tips and Tricks

  • Unreal Editor uses CPU/GPU a lot. Be careful.
  • To launch app on Android, use Launch Button at toolbar of Unreal Editor.
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