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Created Dec 13, 2013
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Create random network on Cytoscape.
; Node Names - sequence of integers.
(def nodenames (take 500 (range)))
; Create new network and register it to manager
(def newnet(. (. cyAppAdapter getCyNetworkFactory) createNetwork))
(.. newnet (getRow newnet) (set "name" "Random Network Created by Clojure Script"))
(.. cyAppAdapter (getCyNetworkManager) (addNetwork newnet))
; Create nodes
(doseq [nodename nodenames]
(.. newnet (getRow (. newnet addNode))
(set "name" (str nodename))))
; Add random edges
(def nodes (. newnet getNodeList))
(doseq [node nodes]
(. newnet addEdge node (rand-nth nodes) false))
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