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Aura component to handle flow navigation.
<aura:component implements="lightning:availableForFlowScreens">
<aura:attribute access="global" name="startMsg" type="String" default="Click the 'Capture Signature' button to begin"
description="Message to display to the user to start the signature capture process"/>
<aura:attribute access="global" name="enterMsg" type="String" default="Sign here please"
description="Text to display above the signature capture canvas" />
<aura:attribute access="global" name="completeMsg" type="String" default="Here is the captured signature"
description="Text to display above the image of the captured signature once it has been saved to the server"/>
<aura:attribute access="global" name="recordId" type="String"
description="The id of the record to attach the signature to"/>
<aura:attribute access="global" name="saveAttachment" type="Boolean" default="true"
description="Save signature as attachment (true) or file (false)" />
<aura:attribute access="global" name="width" type="String" required="true" default="100%"
description="Width of the signature capture canvas"/>
<aura:attribute access="global" name="height" type="String" required="true" default="300px"
description="Height of the signature capture canvas"/>
<aura:attribute access="global" name="captureButtonLabel" type="String" default="Capture Signature"
description="Label for the capture signature button" />
<aura:attribute access="global" name="saveButtonLabel" type="String" default="Save"
description="Label for the save button" />
<aura:attribute access="global" name="clearButtonLabel" type="String" default="Clear"
description="Label for the clear button" />
<aura:attribute access="global" name="skipToCapture" type="Boolean" default="false"
description="Skip straight to capturing a signature without prompting the user or waiting for a button click" />
<aura:handler event="BGSIGCAP:SignatureCapturedEvt" action="{!c.handleCaptured}"/>
<BGSIGCAP:SignatureCapture startMsg="{!v.startMsg}" enterMsg="{!v.enterMsg}"
completemsg="{!v.completeMsg}" recordId="{!v.recordId}"
saveAttachment="{!v.saveAttachment}" width="{!v.width}"
height="{!v.height}" captureButtonLabel="{!v.captureButtonLabel}"
saveButtonLabel="{!v.saveButtonLabel}" clearButtonLabel="{!v.clearButtonLabel}"
skipToCapture="{!v.skipToCapture}" />
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