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Created Aug 24, 2020
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def update(self, transitions):
# Override DQN.update() and update_from_episodes() to kick
# allreduce communication to synchronize cumulative steps among
# all learners
# Note: Overriding update()/update_from_episodes() is a quick hack to
# implement synchronizing cumulative_steps.
# PFRL doesn't have a mechanism to hook events in a learner loop.
# (`step_hook` in pfrl.experiments.train_agent() works well, but
# `global_step_hook in pfrl.experiments.train_agent_async() does
# not work because the hook only works in actors.)
# For a "correct" implementation, we need to implement a
# learner loop hook mechanism in PFRL.
# training is in actor-learner mode. here we use 'update_counter'
# (not optim_t) to determine whether it's actor-learner mode.
if hasattr(self, 'update_counter'):
self._sync_cum_steps_hook(None, self, self.optim_t)
def update_from_episodes(self, episodes, errors_out=None):
if hasattr(self, 'update_counter'):
self._sync_cum_steps_hook(None, self, self.optim_t)
super().update_from_episodes(episodes, errors_out)
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