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Add this to your ~/.nanorc and when running "git commit" (if your editor is nano) you'll have syntax highlighting in your commit message. Includes support for "git commit -v" too!
syntax "gitcommit" "COMMIT_EDITMSG$"
color white "#.*"
color green "#.(modified|deleted).*"
color yellow start="# Changes.*" end="# Changed.*"
color cyan start="# Untracked.*" end="diff"
color cyan start="# Untracked.*" end="$$"
color brightred "^deleted file mode .*"
color brightgreen "^\+.*"
color brightred "^-.*"
color brightyellow "^(diff|index|---|\+\+\+).*"
color brightmagenta "@@.*@@"
color white "# (Change[ds]|Untracked) .*"
color white "#.*\(use .*"
color white "^#"

hraban commented Jan 6, 2016

great!! thanks man

Legend cheers mate

dacdave commented Dec 5, 2016

Will this work for .vimrc as well?

dos1 commented Sep 22, 2017

Thanks <3

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