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Add-CMDeviceCollectionDirectMembership Slow
Example of how to create a Device Collection and populate it with computer objects
The Slow way. <Yuck>
$CollBaseName = 'MyTestCol_03_{0:D4}',
$name = 'PCTest*'
foreach ( $Count in 5,50 ) {
$CollName = $CollBaseName -f $Count
write-verbose "Create a collection called '$CollName'"
New-CMDeviceCollection -LimitingCollectionName 'All Systems' -Name $CollName | % name | write-Host
Measure-Command {
Write-Verbose "Find all Devices that match [$Name], grab only the first $Count, and add to Collection [$CollName]"
get-cmdevice -name $name -Fast |
Select-Object -first $count |
Foreach-Object {
Add-CMDeviceCollectionDirectMembershipRule -CollectionName $CollName -ResourceId $_.ResourceID -verbose:$False
} | % TotalSeconds | write-Host
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