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Upgrade ghost blog on AWS ec2 server

Upgrade ghost on an ec2 host

The ghost version changelog:

Export content from, just in case. I'm using mysql on the backend and haven't needed this yet, but, it's nice to have a data backup regardless.

Upgrade to the latest npm, ghost-cli, and knex-migrator:

npm i -g npm
npm i -g ghost-cli
npm i -g knex-migrator

Give group "www" sudo access (I run ghost as "www.www").

sudo visudo

Stop the ghost service:

sudo service ghost stop

Become www and save a copy of the current configuration:

sudo su - www
cd /usr/share/nginx/node/ghost
rm previous
cp -P current previous

Upgrade should work, mostly, failing at "restart":

ghost upgrade

Clean up and add s3 storage back in and various configuration bits:

cd current
npm install ghost-storage-adapter-s3
npm install
cp ../../previous/config.production.json .

Update db (This step may not be required anymore. Will confirm next upgrade.)

knex-migrator init

Copy over my theme edits (for the qr-code/google search/...)

rsync -avP ../../previous/content/themes/keith/ ./content/themes/keith/

Copy over the s3 bits (maybe that should be an npm update?)

mkdir -p ./content/adapters/storage/s3/
rsync -avP ../../previous/content/adapters/storage/s3/ ./content/adapters/storage/s3/

Clean up permissions:

sudo chown -R www.www /usr/share/nginx/node/ghost


NODE_ENV="production" npm start

Go to and see if it looks ok.

If it does, ^C npm

sudo service ghost start

Reload again to double check.

Comment out group www sudo access:

sudo visudo
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