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Created October 15, 2018 14:05
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import boto3
import json
import hmac
import hashlib
from botocore.exceptions import ClientError
headers = {'Access-Control-Allow-Origin': '*'} # CORS
def get_secret():
secret_name = "prod/govScan/secrets"
secret_region = "us-west-2" # hard-code region
client = boto3.client('secretsmanager', region_name=secret_region)
get_secret_value_response = client.get_secret_value(
except ClientError as e:
secret = None
secret = get_secret_value_response['SecretString']
return secret
def check_sig(payload, sig):
secret = json.loads(get_secret())
if secret is None: # issues retrieving secret -- mark to False
return {'status': False, 'Error': 'Unable to retrieve secret'}
h1 =['github_secret'], 'utf-8'),
bytearray(payload, 'utf-8'),
if hmac.compare_digest(h1.hexdigest(), sig[5:]):
return {'status': True}
return {'status': False, 'Error': 'Digest does not match'}
def receive_github_post(event, context):
Receives a POST from github, verifies the signature and message before invoking the get_hostnames function
get_hostnames is invoked asynchrously, and a 202 status message is returned to github
signature verification is done via a secret in secrets manager
github_event = event['headers']['X-GitHub-Event']
sig = event['headers']['X-Hub-Signature']
result = check_sig(event['body'], sig)
if not result['status']: # error
return {'statusCode': 403,
'headers': headers,
'body': json.dumps(result)}
# only process if it's a push event
if github_event == 'push':
lambda_client = boto3.client('lambda')
function_name = context.function_name # the name of 'this' function
env = function_name.split('-')[0] # because of my naming convention, this will provide the env
lambda_name = env + '-get_hostnames' # name of lambda to invoke
response = lambda_client.invoke(FunctionName=lambda_name,
status_code = response['StatusCode']
body = ''
status_code = 200
body = ''
return {'statusCode': status_code,
'headers': headers,
'body': json.dumps(body)}
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