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--- src/cpufreqd_governor_parameters.c
+++ src/cpufreqd_governor_parameters.c
@@ -61,7 +61,8 @@
struct sysfs_device *govdev = NULL;
/* Construct sysfs path string for governor device of this cpu */
- snprintf(govdev_path, SYSFS_PATH_MAX, "%s/cpu%u/cpufreq/%s", syspath_cpu, cpu, governor);
+ //snprintf(govdev_path, SYSFS_PATH_MAX, "%s/cpu%u/cpufreq/%s", syspath_cpu, cpu, governor);
+ snprintf(govdev_path, SYSFS_PATH_MAX, "%s/cpufreq/%s", syspath_cpu, governor);
clog(LOG_DEBUG, "sysfs path governor device = %s\n", govdev_path);
/* Open sysfs governor device */
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