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Created May 29, 2016 23:08
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#ifndef L9110_H
#define L9110_H
#include "Arduino.h"
class L9110
L9110(uint8_t A_IA, uint8_t A_IB, uint8_t B_IA, uint8_t B_IB);
void forward(uint8_t speed);
void backward(uint8_t speed);
void turnLeft(uint8_t speed);
void turnRight(uint8_t speed);
uint8_t _A_IA;
uint8_t _A_IB;
uint8_t _B_IA;
uint8_t _B_IB;
void motorAForward(uint8_t speed);
void motorABackward(uint8_t speed);
void motorBForward(uint8_t speed);
void motorBBackward(uint8_t speed);
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