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Analyze an image for the 10 most common colors and their percentage.
require 'RMagick'
include Magick
puts "Enter the path to the image you wish to analyze:"
file = gets.chomp
image =
q = image.quantize(10, Magick::RGBColorspace)
palette = q.color_histogram.sort {|a, b| b[1] <=> a[1]}
total_depth = image.columns * image.rows
results = []
10.times do |i|
unless palette[i].nil?
p = palette[i]
r = p[0].red / 257
g = p[0].green / 257
b = p[0].blue / 257
rgb = "#{r},#{g},#{b}"
hex = r.to_s(16) + g.to_s(16) + b.to_s(16)
depth = p[1]
results << {
rgb: rgb,
hex: hex,
depth: depth
print "\n\nImage Color Analysis for: #{file}"
print "\n-------------------------------"
results.each do |r|
print "\nRGB Value: #{r[:rgb]}"
print "\nHex Value: ##{r[:hex]}"
print "\nPercentage: " + ((r[:depth].to_f / total_depth.to_f) * 100).round(2).to_s
print "\n-------------------------------"
print "\n\n"
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