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Books read in 2017
Updated 12/31/2017
_Nausea_ by Sartre
_The Inner Game of Tennis_
_The Manager's Path_
_The Archaeology of Knowledge_ by Michel Foucault
_Radical Technologies_ by Adam Greenfield
_The Birthmark_ by Susan Howe
_My Emily Dickinson_ by Susan Howe
_Moments of Being_ by Virginia Woolf
_The Quarry_ by Susan Howe
_To the River_ by Olivia Liang
_Life Work_ by Donald Hall
_Totality and Infinity_ by Emmanuel Levinas
_Deep Work_ by Cal Newport
_The Community of Those Who Have Nothing in Common_ by Alphonso Lingis
_Sartre_ by Iris Murdoch
_GIS and Cartographic Modeling_ by C. Dana Tomlin
_Autobiography_ by Morrissey
_Data Visualisation_ by Andy Kirk
_Information Dashboard Design_
_This is How_ by Augusten Burroughs
_The Undersea Network_ by Nicole Starosielski
_Peirce Arrow_ by Susan Howe
_Debths_ by Susan Howe
_The Nonconformist's Memorial_ by Susan Howe
_The Sounds of Poetry_ by Robert Pinsky
_Trilogy_ by H.D.
_Frame Structures_ by Susan Howe
_The Europe of Trusts_ by Susan Howe
_If Not, Winter: Fragments of Sappho_ by Anne Carson
_Selected Poems_ by H.D.
_Helen in Egypt_ by H.D.
_Sycamore_ by Kathy Fagan
_Autobiography of Red_ by Anne Carson
_Glass, Irony, and God_ by Anne Carson
_Decreation_ by Anne Carson
_New and Selected Poems_ by Robert Lowell
_Haskell Programming from First Principles_
_Programming in Emacs Lisp_
_Fluent Python_
_Learning Python_
_Scala in Depth_
_Software Estimation_
_Bitcoin for the Befuddled_
_Scala for the Impatient_ (reread)
_Data Science at the Command Line_
_High Performance Spark_
_Learning Spark_
_Programming Scala_ (reread)
_Learn You a Haskell for Great Good_
_Functional JavaScript_
_Node.js in Practice_
_Joel on Software_
_JavaScript: The Definitive Guide_
_Elixir in Action_ (reread)
_Site Reliability Engineering_
_Understanding ECMAScript 6_
_JavaScript Pocket Reference_
_Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja_
_Programming Phoenix_ by Chris McCord et al.
_The Passionate Programmer_ by Chad Fowler
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