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Last active Sep 15, 2020
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Saltstack JC Outputter
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
JC Outputter for Salt
JC converts the output of many commands and file-types to structured format.
Requires JC is installed via pip: $ pip3 install jc
Requires Python >= 3.6
This outputter requires a parser to be defined via the JC_PARSER env variable:
$ JC_PARSER=uptime salt '*' 'uptime' --out=jc --out-indent=2
For a list of supported parsers, see
import os
import importlib
import json
from salt.exceptions import SaltRenderError
import jc
HAS_LIB = True
except ImportError:
HAS_LIB = False
__virtualname__ = "jc"
def __virtual__():
return __virtualname__
class OutputError(SaltRenderError):
def output(data, parser=None, **kwargs):
Convert returned command output to JSON using the JC library
:rtype: str (JSON)
parser = os.getenv('JC_PARSER')
if not HAS_LIB:
raise OutputError('You need to install "jc" prior to running the jc outputter')
if not parser:
raise OutputError("You must specify a parser for the jc outputter by exporting the JC_PARSER env variable. "
"e.g. export JC_PARSER='uptime'")
jc_parser = importlib.import_module('jc.parsers.' + parser)
for minion, output_data in data.items():
result = {
minion: jc_parser.parse(output_data, quiet=True)
if "output_indent" not in __opts__:
return json.dumps(result)
indent = __opts__.get("output_indent")
sort_keys = False
if indent is None:
indent = None
elif indent == "pretty":
indent = 2
sort_keys = True
elif isinstance(indent, int):
if indent < 0:
indent = None
return json.dumps(
result, indent=indent, sort_keys=sort_keys
except Exception as e:
raise OutputError('Error in jc outputter: %s' % e)
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