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Created Sep 15, 2020
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Saltstack JC Serializer
Implements JC serializer.
JC converts the output of many commands and file-types to structured format.
Requires JC is installed via pip: $ pip3 install jc
Requires Python >= 3.6
import importlib
# Import Salt libs
from salt.serializers import DeserializationError
# Import jc
import jc
available = True
except ImportError:
available = False
__all__ = ["deserialize", "available"]
class NotImplementedError(DeserializationError):
def deserialize(stream_or_string, parser=None):
Deserialize from raw command output into Python data structure.
:param stream_or_string: command output stream or string to deserialize.
:param parser: parser used to serialze the command output
if not available:
raise DeserializationError('You need to install "jc" prior to running the jc deserializer')
if not parser:
raise DeserializationError("You must specify a parser for the jc deserializer. e.g. parser='uptime'")
jc_parser = importlib.import_module('jc.parsers.' + parser)
if not isinstance(stream_or_string, (bytes, str)):
return jc_parser.parse(stream_or_string, quiet=True)
if isinstance(stream_or_string, bytes):
stream_or_string = stream_or_string.decode("utf-8")
return jc_parser.parse(stream_or_string, quiet=True)
except Exception as error:
raise DeserializationError(error)
def serialize(obj, **options):
raise NotImplementedError("JC can only deserialize.")
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