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const assert = require('assert')
module.exports = function ({

Cryptographic Autonomy License version 1.0

This Cryptographic Autonomy License (the "License") applies to any Work whose owner has marked it with any of the following notices:

"Licensed under the Cryptographic Autonomy License version 1.0," or "SPDX-License-Identifier: CAL-1.0," or

"Licensed under the Cryptographic Autonomy License version 1.0, with Combined Work Exception," or

"SPDX-License-Identifier: CAL-1.0-With-Exception".


Mutual Nondisclosure

Disclosing Party describes each party with respect to Confidential Information it discloses to the other party. Receiving Party describes each party with respect to Confidential Information it receives from the other party.


The parties anticipate disclosure of Confidential Information for the purpose on the accompanying standard form certificate (the Purpose).

Confidential Information


Polyform Internal License

Development Draft


In order to get any license under these terms, you must agree to their rules. Those rules are both obligations under your agreement and conditions to all the licenses granted to you under these terms. The licensor may not end that agreement, or revoke any licenses granted under it, except per Violations.

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#!/usr/bin/env node
'$0 [FILE..]',
'Concatenate FILE(s) to standard output.',
function (yargs) {
return yargs
.positional('FILE', {
describe: 'input file',

There's an API Loophole: AGPLv3 arguably does not reach code in larger programs built with copyleft code if combination occurs by calls over standardized inter-process communication mechanisms, like local sockets or remote HTTP requests, rather than by linking to or changing copyleft code. See especially the definitions of "modify" and "modified version" in section 0 and the first paragraph of section 13.

There's a Container Loophole: AGPLv3 arguably doesn't reach beyond the specific system running it---physical, virtual, or containerized---to the broader constellation of networked systems comprising an application. See especially the definitions of "Corresponding Source", "System Libraries", "Major Component", and "Standard Interface" in section 1.


Mortarboard Streak License

Development Draft

Licensor: [licensor's legal name]

Project: [project name]

Repository: [repository URL]