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Last active Nov 9, 2021
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Firebase REST authentication

Google OAuth for Service Accounts/Firebase REST How-to

Firebase REST queries require access_token parameter for full access. This is Google’s OAuth 2.0 for service accounts.

Get credentials of the service account

  • Firebase Console > Settings > Project settings > Service accounts tab
  • Click Generate new private key and download credentials
    – OR –
    Click Manage all service accounts and create a new service account, then download the credentials

Prepare JWT to request token

require 'jwt'
now_seconds =
payload = {
  scope: '',
  aud: "",
  iat: now_seconds,
  exp: now_seconds + 60
JWT.encode payload, pkey, "RS256"
  • EMAILADDRESS = of the service account. Obtain from the credentials file above.
  • PRIVATEKEY = RSA key, also from the credentials file above.
  • The exp should be max 60s as a general security practice; this is the lifetime of this JWT, not Google's access token.

Make the access token request

POST request to:
With parameters: grant_type=urn:ietf:params:oauth:grant-type:jwt-bearer & assertion=

curl --data-urlencode 'grant_type=urn:ietf:params:oauth:grant-type:jwt-bearer' -d 'assertion=<JWT>'

Obtain the key from the JSON response. Google's access token always has the lifetime of 1 hour.

 "access_token": "ya29.ElsrBD0lh…...",
 "token_type": "Bearer",
 "expires_in": 3600

Use the access token

Add “.json” at the end of the URL to make it a REST call. Add the access token as a parameter,

curl -i 'https://<PROJECTID><ACCESSTOKEN>'

or add header Authorization: Bearer <ACCESSTOKEN>.

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bolandrm commented Jun 6, 2020

Huge help, thanks for sharing!

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